Butter London “Rosie Lee”

After busting out Henley Regatta for my last manicure, I felt like sticking with Butter London.  I went absolutely crazy for Butter London last summer and that is when I bought the majority of my collection.  I picked up some of their fall shades as well but unfortunately I skipped over their spring collection this year.  But one of my favorite pink polishes of all time had to come out since I was craving a Butter London glitter and I was going back to work.  Butter London “Rosie Lee” is a salmon colored microglitter suspended in a not so clear base.  I can’t figure out if its a clear base and the glitter is just really dense that it doesn’t look clear or if the base is slightly tinted to match the glitter.  Either way, this is 2 coats and completely opaque.

I wish the sun was out to make this polish really sparkle but go figure the sun happened to hate me when I went to take pictures of this polish. I absolutely love this polish.  It is one of my favorite pinks in my collection because its so easy to work with and can be worn for any occasion.  The only negative I have is that after using the brush for a while, it gets really flat at a little difficult to use due to the formula of the polish.  If any of you use microglitters and use multiple coats then you know what I’m talking about.  The brush gets permanent fan out but eventually goes back to normal. I’ve worn this to work and it was completely appropriate.  I’ve also worn it out at night and it was a lot of fun too.  For some reason it reminds me of a tuxedo tshirt … because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.  And if anyone can tell me where I quoted that from wins a prize!

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