Zoya “Kelly”

I have a final tonight so wish me luck.  I have to vent for a minute about my summer class.  I have mentioned my internship on here many times, talking about how I need to be professional with my nail polish choices. Well, I’m not getting paid for my internship. Instead I’m getting credit towards graduation, which is kind of funny when you think about it … I have to pay tuition (and a pretty heft sum I might add) in order to have the luxury of working for free.  So in order to get student loans to pay for the tuition of working for free, I had to take another class.  I took a class that I had no interest in and completely loathe for 2 reasons.  1. its going to be on the Bar exam and 2. it was one of 2 classes that would fit into my schedule and the class I’m talking now is the pre-req to get into the other class.  So I was kind of stuck taking this class and its god awful.  I now know what area of the law I don’t want to go into. But now onto the manicure.

Zoya “Kelly” is one of the purple/grey colors.  This color was so popular 2 years and I think that is where I used up the majority of this bottle.  The formula is good, needing only 2 coats for full opacity.  Dry time is good too.  Its a pretty good polish and pretty easy to work with.  Not to thick, just overall really nice.  This is another one of those polishes that was unique when it came out but I still feel like its one of those polishes that you don’t see in every day life.  I can honestly say I see a ton of girls wearing crazy blues, purples, glitters and flakies.  I don’t see too many people wearing the grey based colors in real life.  So when I wore this to work I had so many people tell me how much they loved this polish, where they could get it and how much it costs.  It surprised me because in the nail polish world, this is old news, but I guess in real life when you’re surrounded by people not obsessed with their nails this color is still something that isn’t seen every day.  I love that this manicure still draws attention from people although for me I feel like this trend died 2 years ago.  And I decided to highlight it today because this is my last law school final of my first year and this was the polish that I wore on my very first day of law school.  I felt like I needed to end the year with the polish that started the year.

7 thoughts on “Zoya “Kelly”

  1. Lovely polish!
    So true about non nail polish addicts thinking colours like this are so amazing and something so new to them! Haha it’s rare I see people wearing something other than red, pink or black (or some other common, “normal” colour on their nails in real life!

    • for some reason it seems like classes in the summer are 10 times harder than classes during the school year. it seems like because i want to be there that much less, the subject matter is that much worse. anyways thanks for commenting!

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