Glitter Gal “Lizard Belly”

I don’t remember if I had featured this polish on here before.  I have a feeling I didn’t because the only other time I wore this polish was back in the winter when I first purchased it.  I took a picture on my iPhone and posted it to instagram but I remember it was such a bad picture that I hope I didn’t upload it here too.  I had to take a picture in artificial light because I couldn’t capture this beauty in natural light.  Honestly, while I love this polish, the holographic doesn’t show much unless the sun is shining bright or you’re under artificial indoor light.  So just letting you know, the color isn’t exactly true to this picture.  It is really a dark forest green in real life, and here it looks a little more blue like a blackened teal almost.

This picture is with flash.  So you can see a little more of the rainbow with the dark green.  Glitter Gal “Lizard Belly” is a dark forest green holographic polish.  When I first heard about this polish, I HAD to have it.  I purchased it on amazon completely over priced and I ended up with a mini bottle and didn’t even realize it.  This was my first holographic polish believe it or not.  I didn’t really know what to expect except everyone raves about holographic polishes.  I think I expected this polish to sing “Amazing Grace” or something because I remember thinking back in the winter when I first wore it that it was really pretty much not as life changing as I thought it would be.  Now, I love this polish so much more but I still don’t think it is as life changing or hype worthy as some people have made it out to be.  I actually like my other Glitter Gal holographic polish a little better.

This picture shows that it looks like when you just look at your nails normally.  It is still really pretty dark green, perfect for fall and one of those colors that I gravitate towards.  I definitely have a love for dark greens since I think that is the majority of my green collection! Formula wise, this polish is amazing.  Full opacity in 2 thin coats and the dry time was pretty good.  After I finished my last nail, my first hand was completely dry.  Also, I left this polish on longer than normal because life got in the way of painting my nails and It lasted chip free and hardly any tip wear for 3 days.  This was day 2 and as you can see there’s no tip wear.  Which is phenomenal because all I do is type all day and night long, writing opinions for my judge, writing notes for class, and writing blog posts. So with all the banging on a keyboard that my nail tips experience, I normally have tip wear within a day.  This lasted without any wear for 3 days.  Amazing in my book.

What do you guys think of this polish? Do any of you have any holographic or glitter gal polishes? Also if you’re interested in getting a Glitter Gal holographic, try you can get big bottles and the prices are better than Amazon.

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