Ray-Diant Stranger Tides

I have to vent for a minute.  I seem to be having the worst problem with my middle finger on my swatching hand.  Just as it grew out from the last “situation” I broke it again.  Last time, I broke it a little bit every day for about a week and before I knew it, it was a massive break that wouldn’t stop breaking and I had to file it down to almost my skin.  There was almost no visible nail like left.  That was about a month ago and it was how you see it in this picture.  Then I graciously fell down some stairs on Saturday night (you can read into the fact that it was a Saturday night all you want to).  It is just as bad as it was before it grew out.  Hopefully it won’t take a month to grow out because I’m still crying over this situation.  So just FYI, I’m still a few manicures behind, so the next few pictures will be of pretty long nails and then you’ll see some babies.

Now on to the manicure! OPI “Stranger Tides” was one of my favorite polishes last summer.  I can’t tell you how much I loved this polish and I’ve been trying to rediscover all my old summer loves, since I haven’t really bought any polishes in a few months.  The formula is amazing for a light creme polish, opaque in 2 coats and not too thick or thin.  Its like the Goldilocks of creme polishes because it is just the perfect middle of all the problems you experience with a creme finish.  Dry time is good too.  The color is still really nice and its a great light khaki green beige sort of color.  I remember loving the color more and maybe I’ve grown out of this polish, because it seemed almost “too” neutral for me right now.  Oh well, I will probably fee differently in a month and love it again since that’s normally what happens.  Then I put one coat of China Glaze “Ray-Diant” as my accent nail.  While I like this polish, the whole prismatic collection was a little bit of a let down.  This is really pretty seafoam green silver glitter with multicolored glitter pieces, but I wish you could see the duochrome more that everyone claimed would be there.  Its still really pretty glitter and I’ll definitely use it but its not my favorite. But the colors do pair really well! Two neutral-ish subdued green polishes were perfect for work.

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