Zoya “Raven”

So this manicure requires a little disclaimer: I’m sorry if people are offended by drinking but I’m going to be honest and that includes why I wore this manicure, I’m 24 and Irish, take that as what you will.  Anyways, hopefully I haven’t offended too many people.  Last weekend I went to a dock crawl.  I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a boater and spend my weekends on my boat.  Now that school is over, I can resume my normal routine of getting done with work on Friday at 430 going home and packing a weekend bag and not moving from the water until Sunday night.  Last weekend was a dock crawl, which allows all the boaters in the marina to get to know one another by walking around from boat to boat and having drinks.  The dock crawl happened to be “pirate themed” where people could dress up as a pirate or decorate their boat in pirate flags.  No one ended up dressing up, but I did my part and asked my boyfriend what color I should paint my nails. He said I needed pirate colors, which he identified as black and red.  Since he tends to get offended if I ask for his advice and then don’t actually take it, I painted my nails black and red.

I decided to use Zoya “Raven” as the black.  I think I’ve worn this before but I honestly can’t remember right now.  This was one of the polishes I picked up in my Earth Day order and honestly bought it because everyone said it was a great black and I needed a new black polish.  Well, it has an amazing reputation for a reason.  It was opaque in 2 coats and really easy to work with.  Its not a creme, there is a slight shimmer, but it honestly just gives it a little more dimension than just a plain black. I love it and it will get a lot of use and its always great to have a good black polish.  Then the red on my accent nails is from my all time favorite reds collection.  Its a Color Club polish that I don’t know the name of because it came in a set from Burlington Coat Factory that didn’t have any names. Its an amazing opaque red glitter in a red jelly base.  2 coats and completely opaque and a great dry time.  I love black and red together and having glitter accent nails.  So this was a definite winner and people did notice my pirate colors!

9 thoughts on “Zoya “Raven”

      • It was TOO good this year. I diddn’t really want to leave. I cried a lot that day and i could do it again. I met so many nice people this year. Got really close with a few 😦 Glad they have facebook but i want to go back! Ive been in Turkey for 4 times right now. You should go too! Its goood

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