H&M “Chica Boom Boom”

Have I ever talked about how much I dislike orange nail polish on me? I really think that orange nail polish just looks awful on my skin tone.  I have gotten several orange polishes and every day I wear them I think that I’ll grow to like it or if I leave it on long enough that I will get used to it.  It never happens.  And I wish I did like the way orange looked on me because its such a fun and trendy summer color.  So I always stayed away from orange, until Zenorah sent me this polish last January.  We swapped brands that we can’t get in our respective countries, and this was one of the polishes in my package.  I knew I was going to have to wait to wear it because its definitely not a “January” type color.  I finally busted it out, and this is the only orange color I’ve ever worn that I loved and didn’t take off!

H&M “Chica Boom Boom” is a super bright, almost neon, darker orange.  It has a slight reddish tint to it, but it really is a true darker orange.  It isn’t burnt orange, but not macaroni and cheese orange either.  This is 2 coats and was a dream to work with.  The dry time was really good and it didn’t try to a matte finish like I thought it would.  Overall, I’m insanely impressed with these H&M polishes.  The only downside is that the brush is a little weird.  The bottle is a square bottle, just like Butter London bottles.  But the Butter London polishes cap comes off to reveal a normal round brush cap (or holder).  This still has the large square top to the brush that makes it a little weird to hold.  It ended up working fine and not being a burden but I had to talk about it.  I really love this polish and have completely changed my mind about orange polishes.  Thank you Zenorah because you’ve made me see the light and converted me to an orange lover!

5 thoughts on “H&M “Chica Boom Boom”

  1. awww I am sooo happy you loved it! and that I have pulled you to the orange lover category. I felt the same way in the past about oranges but I have a few in my collection like this polish that simply looks divine! And oranges definitely look hella good on your skin tone.

    • i’ver never seen them! they don’t sell them in any H&M near me. i don’t know if all the polishes are as easy to work with as this one tho. i have another H&M polish in my untried pile so we’ll see if they all are nice or if this one is a fluke

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