Snow Whites Glass Slipper

I have to apologize yet again.  I hate when I don’t blog for a while and this was the longest time I’ve gone not blogging since last winter.  Thank you SO MUCH to mother nature for knocking my internet out. Like a huge portion of the United States, I’ve been stuck in the middle of this massive heat wave complete with huge storms that have knocked peoples power out.  While I’m not one of those people who had to experience a power outage for days, and I hope everyone is finally getting power back, but I didn’t have internet for more than a week.  The heat just played major games with time warner in my area and yesterday we were finally able to get back on.  So I haven’t been able to blog, but I have been taking pictures of my manicures so be prepared for some nail spam in the next few days to catch my blog up.  Hope y’all don’t mind! Now on to the real post.

I really think white is my favorite color to wear in the summer.  I was never a huge fan of white nail polish until a year and a half ago when I discovered Sally Hansens “Whirlwind White”.  It is an instadry polish and I fell in love with how it looked on my hands and toes.  I used up that bottle easily within a few months and I decided that I wanted to try out another brand.  I tried a Wet ‘n Wild polish and that was alright.  That one took 3 coats and got thick really quickly.  I knew Zoya did a white that everyone said was rather sheer.  But I was looking through the Zoya website for my last order and noticed that they have a whole page of white polishes.   I ended up ordering Zoya “Snow White” which is supposed to be the most opaque white they sell.  This is 3 coats in the picture above and it reached opacity.  The formula is thick and a little tricky to work with.  But it evens out nicely on the nail but it still doesn’t compare to the Sally Hansen Whirlwind White.

Then I noticed that I had some tiny bubbles in my manicure and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle that, so I added a coat of Sally Hansen “Glass Slipper”.  It ended up just making the while pop off my nails even more and glisten like crazy in the sun! I was in love! Plus I loved the name that the two polishes created!  Since I’m basically 12 years old, mixing fairy tales made me smile while watching Ace Ventura on a Saturday morning.

What do you guys think? Were any of you affected by the massive storms in the eastern central US? Do any of you guys like white nail? Hope y’all had a great 4th or if you aren’t American, a great summer so far!

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