Day 3 of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Day 3: Your weird makeup tips and secrets

I don’t have a ton of tips and tricks but there’s a small list that I live buy.

1. I’ve never bought dry shampoo … Why …. Because Baking Soda does the trick! Baking soda is my best friend for everything.  Ya know the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding that swears by Windex? Well I swear by Baking Soda.  Instead of buying dry shampoo use baking soda.  It doesn’t leave a white cast, it takes away excess oil, can give your hair a little volume and eliminates all odor!

2. Sticking with baking soda, I brush my teeth with baking soda about once or twice a month.  It leaves your teeth so white and it is the cleanest feeling you’ll ever have.  My uncle is a dentist and was the one that first told me about that trick.

3. Out of makeup remover, Olive Oil works! Olive oil takes off all waterproof products and if you use it to remove all your makeup then wash your fast it gives an extra boost of moisture.

4. Here are some well known tricks that I employ:  I use a lighter or a blow-drier on my pencil liners that are hard, less pigmented, and hard to work with to soften them and make them glide on easier.  I wash my hair twice a week and only use heat on my hair once or twice a week.  I only wear makeup when I have to, which is probably only 8 hours a day and not every day. Once I get home from work or school all my makeup comes off.

5. This is cheesy but confidence.  I know so many girls who wear a mountain of makeup to cover up what they’re insecure about.  That doesn’t make you beautiful and that doesn’t make your makeup look good.  You need to have confidence in what you’re doing and what you’re wearing.  Always smile! Even if there is makeup on your teeth.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge

    • no i just use it to soak up the oil at the roots just like a dry shampoo does. or if you use the baby powder trick and rub it into your roots to make it look like you have clean hair.

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