OPI “OPI Ink” Suede

Whenever I don’t have a ton of time but I need to paint my nails I always dig out my stash of OPI Suede polishes.  For all of you who don’t know about the Suede collection, it was when matte nails were on trend.  OPI brought out a line of matte polishes with a ton of silver shimmer, designed to look like suede fabric.  They took all their most popular shades, like Here Today Argon Tomorrow and Lincoln Park After Dark, and made them into suede polishes.  I absolutely loved the Suede collection and tried to get all of them.  I do like the look of matte nails although I know a lot of people are over that trend.  But besides the finish, what I love about the Suede polishes are that they are all one coat polishes and because they are a matte finish, they dry super fast.  Honestly, they dry faster than fast dry nail polish and since they only require one coat, you can do an entire manicure in less than 5 minutes.

This was the first Suede polish I got and I actually bought this before I bought the polish that it was designed after, the original OPI “OPI Ink”.  OPI “OPI Ink” Suede is a blue/purple with a ton of silver shimmer in it.  The original is a dark blue and purple duochrome, which is completely missing from the Suede.  This really doesn’t look anything like the original.  But what I love, its one coat and super easy to work with.  It dries ridiculously fast.  This entire manicure probably took me 8 minutes, 5 to apply the color to make sure I didn’t get it all over my cuticles, and then 3 to apply the fast dry top coat directly afterwards.  I added the topcoat because its really makes this polish pop. If you want to see this polish in its original state, you can click here!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have a Suede polish? Or what do you think of Matte nails?

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