Julep “Niecy”

I am not the biggest fan of “girly” or “traditional” colors.  When I say “girly” I mean the true pinks, hot pinks, pinky-corals and magentas. When I say “traditional” I mean true pinks, true reds, rose and other pink type shades.  So when I got this in one of my Julep Maven’s boxes a few months ago, I was not excited.  I ended up putting this on my toes and it lasted about 2 weeks before I really was itching to take it off.  While it looked great on my toes, I don’t think its my type of color.  But now that it is summer I saw staring at the bottle and thought maybe I judged too soon.  I have my girlfriends over to my apartment and they always stare at this bottle and tell me how pretty it looks so I felt like I owed it some attention.

Julep “Niecy” is a medium toned pink with a little bit of a coral tone to it.  The formula is a little weird for me to describe.  I thought it was a true jelly, and then I tried layering with it and it was too chalky to be considered a jelly.  So I guess this is just a super shiny creme shade that goes on a little sheer.  It took 3 coats to reach full opacity, but I took this picture before I put a top coat on.  Look how shiny this polish is! I can see the window pane reflection on my index finger! The dry time is a little slower than I’m used it, but nothing that would annoy me.  I wish I liked this color though.  While it has a great finish, I just am not in love with the color itself on my skin tone.  I prefer the greens and blues rather than the traditional corals and pinks.  Since this is a universally appealing and (dare I say) flattering color, I can’t give it a bad review because I prefer something different.

What do you guys think? Is this your cup of tea or are you like me and prefer colors that are a little different?

3 thoughts on “Julep “Niecy”

  1. Is it sad that the only reason I want this is because it’s my nickname? (Niecy) It’s not a terrible color, either.

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