Day 4 of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Day 4: A picture of you with your favorite single eye shadow

This post will come with a disclaimer.  My favorite single eye shadow is MAC “Mythology”.  I have loved this shadow to death, almost literally.  This shadow has seen better days in this single compact.  I have hit pan, dropped it and had to fix it and now it is cracked again.  There is shadow all over the sides of the container and I was going to do an entire look featuring this shadow, but don’t want to use it up! I’m hoarding the last bit of this shadow so I just did one eye without a primer and a swatch on my hand to show you the beauty!

I don’t understand how this eye shadow doesn’t get more attention! So many people rave about MAC shadows but I have never once heard anyone mention this shadow.  This is a part of the permanent line and every time I’m at a MAC store I always check to see if this shadow has been discontinued and it hasn’t.  But keep reading for more pictures of this on my eye and swatches on my hand.

Swatch on my hand in direct sunlight.  The Color is a little washed out, but its stunning in the light. This swatch shows the color a little better than the swatch below because it brings out the true coppery-pink tones.

Swatch indoors.  This makes it look a little more orangy-gold rather than the true color.  But this swatch shows just how shimmery and reflective it is.  And this is without a primer or me applying it wet.

My eyeball in direct sunlight.  Again, a little washed out and my hair is in my face.  Sorry!

My eye indoors.  This one you can see the orange tones in the shadow more.

This shadow is an orangy-copper metallic shadow that has a slight pink tone. While this picture doesn’t show the pink, the swatch on my hand in direct sunlight does show that it has pink in it.  I absolutely love this shadow! This is my signature “night” shadow.  When I go to a bar or club, this is the shadow I use.  I get so many compliments on my eyes whenever I wear this because the orange and pink really draw out the green in my eyes.  But the fact that its a metallic I can wear it wet and it really reflects and draws attention.  This is it dry without a primer and still jumps off my eye.  If any of you guys have a MAC store nearby, you should check out this shadow.  Its one of the few MAC products I own and would whole heartedly recommend.

What is your favorite single eye shadow?? I would love suggestions for new shadows to try!


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