Zoya “Maisie”

I am still trying to go through all the polishes that I haven’t worn yet.  My Project Use the Un-Used is still in effect, even if it took a small hiatus.  My best friend came over to my apartment last weekend and was asking me where my flakie polish was.  She is a fellow nail polish enthusiast but she never got to the level of obsessive compulsive-ness that I reached.  She doesn’t have the “need” to see all the new collections or get her hands on the trendiest colors, but she owns more nail polish than I do.  While her collection has the same shade of pink from 8 different brands and mine is a little more quirky, she is just as crazy when it comes to her nails as me.  A few months ago she saw Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure” in my collection, and now whenever she is over she grabs it off my rack and puts it over whatever color she is wearing.  So when she grabbed my more traditional flakie polish, I realized that I never tried my blue one!

Zoya “Maisie” is a sheer blue jelly based with blue flakes.  The pictures show just one coat of Maisie over one coat of Julep “Marisa”.  I contemplated getting the green zoya flakie instead, but this one shimmers from blue to green so I figured I would get the best bang for my buck with this one.  It seemed like the polish was a little sporadic. On my middle finger the flakes are really dense and tightly packed, but then on my ring finger they are more spread out.  Honestly, I’m getting really picky because this is such a pretty color it doesn’t matter at all.  The only time you’ll realize that you don’t have the same amount of flakes on every nail is when you’re using it over a dark color.  I tried it over my last manicure before I took it off and took pictures of that as well and you can hardly tell that there are flakes on my nails.  So if you want to see pictures of that manicure you can keep reading! But now I want to try this over a pink or something to see how the blue base changes the polish color.  I’m getting so many ideas

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Are any of you guys still interested in the flakie trend or have you moved on to something new?

Over OPI “OPI Ink” Suede with a flash.

Without a flash.

8 thoughts on “Zoya “Maisie”

  1. I have been wearing Chloe (the pink fleck) all summer – I had already been thinking I wanted Maisie next since I turned out to love Chloe so much, and seeing your pictures has just made me want it more!

    • lol its a lot of fun! i was thinking about chloe but i have so many of the regular flakies like sally hansen hidden treasure. they are supposed to look similar so i figured i’d try something new with the blue one

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