Zoya “Phoebe”

This picture to the left isn’t the Zoya polish that is getting the attention in this post.  This is a Julep polish that I used first that inspired the Zoya manicure.  I wore it for about 4 hours before it chipped and I had to take it off.  What happened after I removed Julep “Jamie” was pretty awful.  I don’t remember it every staining my nails before, but maybe I had only swatched it before.  I have NEVER EVER had my nails and skin around my nails stained so badly.  I’m not going to lie, 3 of my nails are STILL stained from Jamie, and I wore this polish about 2 weeks ago.  I know, I know, I’m that backed up on manicures to show you guys.  I loved the look of this manicure so much that I didn’t want to change up up but after seeing how badly my nails and skin were stained, I had no choice but to remove it as quickly as possible and stick with another blue (in an effort to mask the weird smurf hands).

Now on to the real post.  I had to stick with a blue polish and I really liked how the bright blue looked with the glitter accent, so I picked up a color that I had yet to wear.  I purchased Zoya “Phoebe” a few months ago because I really wanted a bright blue and was debating between this and Robin.  They look so similar in swatches but Phoebe, as you can see, is a matte finish.  I figured that I like matte finish polishes and if I want to change it up I can always put a top coat on.  The advantages of matte formulas totally made this polish a no-brainer decision for me, such as the fast dry time and the opacity.  I know matte polishes are out of style and that trend has sadly passed, but I still really like matte nails and love matte formulas even more.  And an advantage of matte polish is that you can wear it matte or shiny and you don’t have to change anything in your normal routine.

Sad to report guys, while the dry time is phenomenal and super fast, the opacity isn’t. This is 3 coats and I contemplated a 4th on some nails.  I had never experienced such a sheer matte polish.  But how bright is this polish! I absolutely loved how bright blue it was.  Honestly, this is how I do neon.  While I know it isn’t truly a neon, I feel like it is bright enough that I would consider it close to neon.  Then I put one coat of Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday” as an accent nail.  I know you guys are probably sick of seeing Happy Birthday on my blog because this is like the 8th manicure I’ve worn with it in the last few weeks, but oh well, they’re my fingers and that’s what I’m loving to wear.  One thing that was really weird though is that Happy Birthday kind of shrunk back on this manicure.  I don’t know if it was because I painted it over a matte or it was the top coat I used on that finger, but I definitely got some shrinkage.  But it didn’t shrink Phoebe, just the glitter.  Hmm … Odd.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have Phoebe? What are your favorite bright blue polishes?

6 thoughts on “Zoya “Phoebe”

  1. That’s so weird about the Julep! I love everything I’ve tried so far. This may be a silly question, but do you wear base coat? I had a lot of staining problems in the past but not since I started with a base coat.

    I also love those other blue shades!

  2. Julep Jamie is HORRIBLE, it stained my nails and cuticles so badly too, I HATE it! Nail polish remover did not get rid of the stains at all, I had to buff my nails for quite a while and took about 2 days for the blue stain to disappear from my skin. That polish is long gone in the trash. But I LOVE Phoebe 😉

    • i haven’t been able to get the stains off one of my thumb nails and i did this manicure 2 weeks ago! yeah this polish might have to collect dust. but phoebe is so much fun and thanks for letting me know that happened to you too! thank god i wasn’t the only one

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