OPI “Rumples Wiggin”

Here is the other polish that I picked up over the winter from the OPI Shrek collection.  I don’t know why, but I really don’t like lavender polishes.  I absolutely love the color itself and I always gravitate towards light purple nail polishes, but I feel like it totally clashes with my skin tone.  I don’t know what it is, but I feel like it is a weird medium between not being bright enough and not being mute enough.  I know that sounds so odd and honestly I have a very hard time articulating exactly why I feel like I can’t wear lavender colors.

I can’t reiterate enough how much I love the color in general, but all the lavender’s I own I’ve worn once and hated.  Essie “Lilacism” is a prime example.  I didn’t even have  it on for an hour before I had to take it off.  But I couldn’t resist when I saw this polish in a clearance bin! I thought worse comes to worse, if I never use it I could include it in a giveaway.  But after trying out OPI “Fiercely Fiona” I wanted to see if this formula was the same as the other Shrek polishes I have (aka, a runny, watery, sheer mess).

OPI “Rumples Wiggin” is a lavender creme shade that I surprisingly don’t hate! I was so shocked that I finally found a light purple that I don’t get physically itchy when I wear it.  I honestly think it is because that it is a true purple that has the slightest (and I might micro slight) hint of pink to it.  I eyeballed it next to Lilacism and you can visibly see that Lilacism is a touch more blue.  I think because it is warmer that it works on my skin tone.  Plus, it seems brighter than other lilac type colors.  Formula wise, it wasn’t as bad as the other OPI Shrek colors.  The consistency of the polish is super watery and runny and it immediately spread across all my cuticles.  It was a nightmare trying to apply it because it was hard to control.  There was such a fine line between not having any polish on the brush to having too much where it got everywhere.  While it was a watery mess, as you can see from all the mess on my pinky cuticle, it wasn’t as sheer as Fiercely Fiona. This is three coats and it was fully opaque.  But the 3 coats here really doesn’t feel like I’m wearing three, versus Fiona I could tell I was wearing a ton of coats.

As you can see, I majorly broke my index finger.  It is down to the skin and then on the right side it broke even further.  Thank you to my boyfriends car door who took it off in one good hit.  Ever noticed that when you finally get your nails to be the perfect length and shape one has to break? Well this picture was taken a little while ago so the next few manicures will have a baby nail, but its starting to get much better.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish?

7 thoughts on “OPI “Rumples Wiggin”

  1. I really adore this polish, it’s probably the only true lavender shades I love as well. I never tried Essie lilicism because this one is so perfect. I use it sparingly like a crazy person lol.

    • lol i totally understand i’m a crazy person too! i have so many polishes (aka sally hansen hidden treasure) that i won’t use because i don’t want to run out so i stare at it and admire its beauty when its on my wall rack

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