Favorite Pink Nail Polishes of ALL TIME!

I started a series on my Youtube channel that is all about my favorite colors of all time.  Each video is dedicated to my favorite colors of the rainbow and I started off the series with all my favorite red polishes.  This was the second video in the series which is all my favorite pink polishes.  Like the last post, I’ll insert old blog pictures of all these polishes so you guys can see what they look like.  I hope you enjoy!

Keep reading for PICTURES!!

OPI DS “Extravagance”

Sinful Colors “Let Me Go”

Misa “Fashionista”

Essie “We Can Do It Pink”

Sinful Colors “Easy Going”

Butter London “Teddy Girl”

Teddy Girl

Butter London “Teddy Girl”

Butter London “Rosie Lee”

Essie “A Cut Above”

OPI “Teenage Dream”

(on the pointer finger, sorry this was the only picture I took with this polish and didn’t realize it)

Deborah Lippmann “Candy Shop”

(on the ring finger, sorry again I need to take pictures of these polishes on their own!)

Hope you guys liked this post! What are your favorite pinks? I would love some suggests on pink polishes to pick up some please please please tell me your favorites!

11 thoughts on “Favorite Pink Nail Polishes of ALL TIME!

  1. Lovely photo’s! I want the ds one too so badly lol. MMMM my favourite pinks? I got a lot of them i can’t really choose but kiss me on my tulips and pink friday will be the best one from this year i think

  2. I’m wearing Easy Going right now! It’s the first pink I’ve worn in probably two months! And the first pale pink I’ve worn in probably a year! I’m not really a pink person, but my favorite pink is L’oreal’s Fleur de Lis and an old limited Revlon color called Untamed Rose.

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