NYX Loose Pearl Mania Pigments Review!

I bought these a little while ago for a purpose other than using them as eye shadows or highlighters. I purchased them to make nail polish.  If you didn’t know, you can custom make nail polish by mixing eye shadow pigments into a clear polish.  Or you can use a colored polish to make a new color or give a creme color a little bit of a sheen.  I used them once, and they worked to make a nail polish, and then never used them again.  But I dug them back out since its summer and decided that they needed to be reviewed! Especially since I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

Keep reading for more pictures and swatches!

I have two shades, Lilac Pearl on the left and Baby Blue Pearl on the right.  I had opened Lilac Pearl before I took the picture, so that is why the label is different between the two pigments.  The Baby Blue Pearl is how it appears before you open it, and then you have to break the label to get the cap off.

Yeah, this product is messy.  Pigments are messy to begin with but this was from me opening the cap. Since this product was opened before, all the loose powder had spilled out in between the container and the cap.  But you can also see that the pigment is finely milled.

This picture shows what the product looks like after you open it for the first time.  Much cleaner.  So be careful after you use it once and make sure that you open it over a paper towel or sink.

What I don’t like about the container is how small the opening is.  I wish I had taken a picture of this next to a brush because none of my brushes fit inside this opening.  Nor do brushes fit inside the cap very well.  The design of this product just sucks in general.  The packaging is very soft plastic so you can easily squeeze the middle of the tube. Squeezing the tube causes the powder to get caught between the cap and the outside of the opening.  I found that the best way to deal with this product is to store it upright and to apply it by putting some onto a paper towel and pick it up with a brush.

Now onto the swatches:

with flash, no primer

no flash, no primer

The pigments themselves are nice! They have some great pigmentation and the colors themselves are very pretty.  They are nice and glittery and in the sunlight they seem to glow on the skin.  They applied so smoothy, with very little fall out.   I was surprised I didn’t have more fall out because they are pigments, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected them to be.  Just be sure that you apply little by little or you apply them wet and it minimizes fall out.  I know I’ll get more use over the Lilac Pearl but I’m so in love with the Baby Blue in the pictures that I might try to play with it more.

Overall, these are nice and I like the colors themselves but the packaging sucks so bad that I don’t want to deal with them.  I might try to press them in a pan form to see if I could get more use out of them.  I don’t want to give these a bad review because I really do like the pigmentation and how they look on the skin.  NYX, please change your packaging! Because right now they aren’t working at all!

Grade: F for packaging but B for consistency, pigmentation and overall color.  So lets average it and say C-

Price: $3

2 thoughts on “NYX Loose Pearl Mania Pigments Review!

  1. i like the purple/pink one! I have blue eyes so it will be good 2 but i have to make a combination of it than

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