Happy Christmas in July!

Happy Christmas in July! I know that no one really celebrates Christmas in July and its more of a drinking holiday than anything else.  But, there was a pretty big party at my marina so I figured I would get in the Christmas spirit.  Plus, it gave me a chance to try out another polish in my stash that was un-used! I’m still trying to go through all of the polishes I haven’t worn yet and this one was put on the back burner until after thanksgiving.

I mention a swap that I did with my friend Zenorah all the time.  But what I don’t mention is that this is the polish that started the swap.  I mentioned on my YouTube channel that I wanted China Glaze “Party Hearty” so bad when it came out that I stalked every single website and every single Sally’s and Ulta that I could find.  Alas, I never got my hands on this polish and it became one of those polishes that would go on my wish list, never to see in real life.  I happened to mention how much I wanted that polish in my favorite Winter or Holiday polish video (I don’t remember exactly what video I made) and that was the first time that Zenorah emailed me.  She stated that there was store that she was just in where she lives in Toronto that still had this polish, and not only did they have it but it was on sale! I couldn’t even believe that someone didn’t already buy every single bottle of this polish!

She said she would ship it to me and I responded that the only way I would let her do that is if we did a swap instead and I sent her some polishes too.  So, here we are, I have a ton of polishes in my collection now from Zenorah that now are some of my favorites that I own and I have the elusive “Party Hearty”.

Party Hearty is a red and green glitter in a clear base.  The red glitter is chunkier with some smaller pieces and the green is smaller and there are some micro green glitters in there as well.  There is also silver glitter in this polish.  This is seriously Christmas as a polish … on steroids! This is one coat and I’m so in love! I didn’t take this off all weekend for all the Christmas in July celebrations and then had to put it back on today for the actual day.  The dry time was a little slow but that was my fault because I put a generous coat on.  I layered it over 2 coats of OPI “Your Royal Shine-ness”, my signature silver foil.  I got so many compliments from everyone over the weekend for how festive my nails were.  Then I got a compliment from my co-extern today who said the same thing.  I think because my name is Holly that I get too wrapped up in anything Christmas but I don’t care, I always have fun on both holidays (the summer and winter versions of Christmas).  What better excuse to paint your nails red and green and bust out the Christmas lights.
What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? What are your favorite christmas polishes?

Oh and I included some pictures of how I decorated my boat and a few other boats from my marina so you guys can see how crazy we get for this fake holiday! Keep reading if you want to see those pictures!

My friend Jimmy’s Boat

My friend Dan’s boat

My Boat!!

8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas in July!

  1. This polish was meant to be yours – I can never make this polish look as gorgeous as you have! And your boat is spectaular!! so romantic and peaceful.

    • seriously love you for sending that polish to me!!! and of course you can that polish speaks for itself! and thanks and that it definitely can be romantic and peaceful but that picture was taken right before it got loud and crazy!

      • aawww you’re so welcome! i know exactly how it feels when you finally get your hands on a lemming polish. So happy you love it! and you got me some amazing polishes as well. love you too for getting me that Barry M polish that was completely amazing of you!!

  2. Yay i found a polish that i have too! I like party hearty. I wear it with christmas with a red polish underneath

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