Day 7 and 8 of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Day 7: Your favorite nail polish

Really? If any of you are like me and are more than a tad bit obsessed with nail polish then you know that this day is a joke.  Who can pick a favorite?? I could tell you my favorite of the moment, but my judgement will totally be clouded by my mood, the weather, the season and whats new in my collection. So I boycott this day of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge.

Day 8: Makeup that shows off your eye color

This one I can do, but I didn’t do it too well.  I tried three or four different eye looks but because its summer and in the 90s outside, I ended up going really minimal.  If I was doing this is the winter, I would probably go absolutely crazy with a green smokey eye or a purple and copper smokey eye, but since its summer my judgment is clouded.  I don’t wear makeup in the summer so the more eye shadow I put on, the funnier I felt.  So this is the look I came up with and unfortunately in the pictures you can hardly see the colors.  But I liked it and felt like the pinks totally brought out the green in my eyes.

Keep reading for closeup pictures!

The Tarte for True Blood Palette.  Definitely one of my favorite palettes of all time!  In my opinion it was very well thought out.  There are 16 full size shadows, and I think 4 of each texture shadow.  There are 4 mattes, 4 glitters, 4 pearls and 4 shimmers (I think, I could be wrong on the pearls and shimmers part).  This is definitely one of my most reached for palettes.

Shadows I used for this look is fairy (left), telepath (middle), and werewolf (right).



Fairy all across the lid, telepath in the crease and werewolf in the outer V

What do you guys think? Personally, I think I should have gone way more out there, but this is how I normally do my makeup.  Its subtle, but wearable.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post!

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