Favorite Oranges, Peaches and Yellow Polishes of ALL TIME!!

I started a series on my Youtube channel that is all about my favorite colors of all time.  Each video is dedicated to my favorite colors of the rainbow and I started off the series with all my favorite red polishes.  This was the third video in the series which is all my favorite orange, peach and yellow polishes.  Like the last few posts, I’ll insert old blog pictures of all these polishes so you guys can see what they look like.  I hope you enjoy!

Keep reading for pictures!!

polishes mentioned:
– julep hayden

h&m chica boom boom

– china glaze peachy keen

China Glaze’s “Peachy Keen” and crackle “Lightning Bolt”

– essie haute as hello

– essie van d’go

– barry m peach melba

– zoya creamy

6 thoughts on “Favorite Oranges, Peaches and Yellow Polishes of ALL TIME!!

    • they aren’t?? that sucks! i have only tried this one h&m polish and was totally hoping that all of them looked like this one. i was gonna pick up a ton whenever i find them in a store

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