Flakie Crazy!

I went absolutely flakie crazy last week.  I literally wore my flakie polish every single day for a week and every day I tried to change up the color underneath.  I think it was Zoya “Maisie” that started it.  I wore that over a dark blue and a lighter medium toned denim blue and after that I started to wonder how my other flakie polish would look over colors.  I have Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure” and there is kind of a weird story that goes with it.

I first saw that in Walgreens when it first hit the shelves and I was in a phase where I loved nail polish but I didn’t go on nail blogs or have a blog of my own.  Basically, my nails were always painted but I owned mostly drug store brands like sinful colors (that brand is implicitly shunned by the blogging world at the moment) and sally hansen.  I would wear a polish until it chipped and even then I would let it go for a few more days.  My polishes lasted a week, rather than a day like they do now.  So I saw this and Sally Hansen was buy one get one free so I picked up Hidden Treasure and another blue, Sea and Be Seen (I think).

I loved Hidden Treasure but didn’t know how to wear it, so I would put three coats of it on my nails by itself and wonder why it looked like fish scales.  I just figured it was a cool neutral until I became obsessed with nail blogs and YouTube.  That was when I realized what a huge hype this polish was! I inadvertently picked up one of the most sought after polishes and then I saw wearing it wrong.  I realized my error but by that point I had used a quarter of the bottle.  So it became my most prized bottle and the polish that I never wore.

Turn to a year and a half later, I was at that same Walgreens and I was browsing the shelves and behind a wet n wild display on the bottom shelf (I couldn’t even tell you why I looked there) I saw another bottle of Hidden Treasure.  I snatched it up so fast that I think the check out girl was scared of me.  I was like that meth addict buying a ton of cough syrup at the check out, looking over my shoulder like someone was going to steal the bottle and terrified that some other girl would see me with this coveted polish.  I ran out of that store and now it is safely stored with my other backups (its only 1 of 2 polishes that I have backups of).

Now I’m not so terrified to use this polish and Sally Hansen has come out a whole lot more.  I let my boyfriends nieces play with the polish the last time they were over and whenever my best friend comes by for drinks she always has to top off whatever manicure she has on with a coat of Hidden Treasure. Now, Hidden Treasure’s only appeal is that it was rare when it came out and hard to get.  Since the market is flooded with Flakies, this isn’t unique anymore in the slightest.  There are some other flakie polishes that I wanted to get my hands on (i.e. Finger Paints Twisted and Asylum) but nothing will top the original for me.

I have found, through a lot of trial and error that my favorite way to wear Hidden Treasure is over a warm light color.  Particularly, light pinks and peaches.


What started the Hidden Treasure crazed week of mine was painting my nails with Essie “Van D’Go” with one coat of Hidden Treasure over top.  I didn’t take a picture because there were so many bubbles in that manicure it was embarrassing and it chipped within a day.  Then I didn’t want to take it off so I put on Zoya “Shelby” (the pink above) with one coat of Hidden Treasure over top.  I wore that for 3 days! Yep, 3 days.  That is a record for me lately.  And finally, I couldn’t get enough and wanted to know what it would look like over an orange. I though that with the strong orange color that the flakes took over a pink, I wondered if it would be reversed over an orange.  So I did 2 coats of Julep “Hayden” and one coat of Hidden Treasure.  The result on that one wasn’t as cool, but you get the picture.  I was obsessed with flakies this week and the only one I own is Hidden Treasure.  I am still tempted to buy the Essie flakie or some other brand so I don’t use Hidden Treasure anymore, but I doubt that I’ll ever go through 2 whole bottles.  Although I love it, I own so many nail polishes that the rate I’m finishing bottles as slowly decreased over the years.

What do you guys think of flakies? Is the trend over or still alive? Do any of you have any flakies and what colors are your favorite flakie combos?

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