Zoya “Apple”

I have to vent for a second.  I have realized that doors and my nails do not mix.  Whenever I break a nail it is always on a door.  My index finger in this picture is a little bit shorter because my boyfriends car door decided to attack it.  And I think it is a rule of the universe that once you start to be happy with the length and shape of your nails, one has to break.  And in my case, one normally breaks pretty bad.

I finally was starting to grow out my nails from bad breaks, coincidentally both index fingernails broke very short within a week of each other.  My nails were finally growing and I had shaped them the way that I like them.  I even made an appointment to get another shellac manicure for my upcoming vacation.

But the other day, the bathroom door at my work decided that it wanted to ruin my nice middle nail on my non-swatching hand.  Broke it down to the skin.  I just had to vent because it is a run of the universe, for me anyways, that once I get nice nails one has to break.  Anyways, onto the polish!

Everyone says that no company does glass fleck nail polish like Zoya.  I never understood that until now.  Honestly, this finish isn’t my favorite finish, which is why I don’t own too many glass fleck polishes.  I honestly think I own one or two and didn’t even realize they would be classified as a glass fleck until recently.  But there are so many Zoya polishes that are highly revered and most of them fall into that texture category.  When I placed my Earth Day order and picked up wwaaaaayyy too many nail polishes, I was told by so many people to pick up Zoya “Charla” and “Ivanka”.  Well, I was looking at Charla and Ivanka and had Ivanka in my basket and saw that right next to it was Zoya “Apple”.

Apple is the perfect granny smith apple color.  It is a green glass fleck polish that has a strong gold shimmer.  I can’t decide if the gold is a duochrome or a shimmer but either way this polish seriously glows! It is one of the brightest greens that I own and I was so shocked just how bright it was. In the sunlight it seriously it seems to have a radioactive glow from within.  The formula was a little thin.  This was three thin coats.  The dry time was great, by the time I finished painting my last nail my first hand was 100% dry.  Wear time was good too.  I wore this polish for 3 days without a single chip which is a lot time for me!  I still don’t love this type of finish but I do like this polish and I think it will get some good use around the holidays!

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish?

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