Korres Yoghurt Cream Moisturizer Review

I have to start this post off with an apology.  I knew I was going to do a review of this product, but really wanted to try it before I reviewed it.  I forgot to take pictures before I dug my fingers in it, and the next thing I knew, this product was almost gone.  Big blogger no-no! I know you should always photograph a product before you use it but I completely blanked.  I don’t see too many Korres products reviewed, so I really wanted to put this up.  So I apologize for the lack of product in the jar.  Hopefully y’all can forgive me and know that because this product is almost empty I can give you a REAL review because I’ve been using it for a while.

I have tried Korres skin care previously and remembered liking it.  My ex boyfriend bought be this HUGE set for my birthday a long time ago and I got to try out a mask, cleanser, moisturizer, basically half the skin care line.  I repurchased the cleanser at the time and remembered really liking it, but as a lot of you who are beauty-product obsessed know, you get side tracked trying other products.  I was walking through Ulta and came across the Korres part of the store and picked up this moisturizer.  Korres makes 3 different moisturizers, one for dry skin, one for oily and one for combination.  The Yoghurt Cream moisturizer is for combination skin, which I have come to realize I have in the late spring and summer months.

Yep, as you can see, almost gone.  But here is what the Sephora website had to say about this product:

Yogurt is often thought of as the perfect afternoon snack. But few people know that it is also an ancient healing remedy that goes back hundreds of years. In Greece, yogurt is known for its ability to instantly soothe the skin by delivering increased moisture to the upper levels of the epidermis.

This ultra-soothing cream contains full-fat, Greek Yogurt—a natural source of lactose, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, to provide instant hydration to dry skin. The cream also contains vitamin E, olive oil concentrate, and macadamia nuts for antioxidant protection. Can be used every day on all types of dehydrated skin, even oily.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petrochemicals
– Phthalates
– Triclosan

What I like: This product is a nice light weight moisturizer.  Not as light weight as my all time favorite moisturizer, Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar, but it is really light weight.  I also love the consistency.  This might sound weird to people, but it reminds me of Elmer’s glue.  It is really light weight and cooling going onto the skin but once you start rubbing it into the skin it starts to get sticky.  That is going to sound really odd to people, but I loved that! I really liked that it started to sink in really quickly and get sticky on my skin.  Once it got sticky, I stopped rubbing it in and after about a minute the sticky feeling was gone and you were left with really soft skin.  But, I found that the stickiness totally works when I apply this underneath a foundation or bb cream! Maybe it is just me but I feel like the stickiness creates a suction-cup effect with my makeup.

What I dislike: Eh, I don’t hate this part of the product but the smell is a little weird.  It definitely smells like milk.  Not strong like milk, but just a dairy smell.  Little weird.  But the smell doesn’t linger on your skin so it is just a little bit of an issue when you first apply it.  Plus, I’m not a fan of the price since I’m  cheap ass.

Overall, I really like this moisturizer and would repurchase, but it doesn’t beat my hope in a jar.  I like the consistency and the feel on my skin since it is a little cooling, but again, not as cooling as my hope in a jar.  Its so hard to beat that moisturizer for me but this comes in close behind it.  The smell is a little weird and its hard to justify the price.  But it has lasted me about 4 months! I haven’t had any issues with it breaking me out and keeps my skin pretty balanced in these summer months.  I’m pretty happy I tried it out and might have to try out the Wild Rose (the one for dry skin I believe) in the winter months.

Grade: A-/B+ (lower for price and smell)

Price: $32 available at Sephora, Ulta and Korres.com

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