10 Items Every Girl Should Carry In Her Purse!

This post is going to be a little different than the type of posts I normally do.  I am apart of a Facebook group for WordPress Beauty and Fashion bloggers and a few weeks ago I saw this post.  I tried to find the original to link it back and to give the blogger the credit she deserves, but I couldn’t find the original.  If you are the original writer of this post, please email me or comment so I can give you the credit you deserve! But I saw the “Top 10 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Purse” and loved the idea.  The original post was from a British blogger so her ideas were a tad bit different than  mine, and I thought I would put in my 2 cents.  So here are my ideas of the top 10 things that every girl should carry around with them at all times!

1. “Mad Money”:  ok this comes with a story.  My grandmother coined this term, or at least in my world she made up this phrase so she gets copyrights to it.  She passed this advice to my mom, who passed it to me, and now I pass it to all the girls reading this and my future daughters (if I’m blessed enough to have daughters).  “Mad Money” is the special money you keep hidden in your purse, in a separate compartment, (or for me I also keep it in my car) for when you get mad at your date.  This especially applies to all you single girls out there, but I have also had to use this while being in a relationship.  If you are out with a guy and he pisses you off and you didn’t drive, you need cash for a cab.  Or if you are out with a guy and you and him get in a fight and he stiffs you on a dinner bill, you need cash or a credit card.  As a female, don’t ever be reliant on a man for money! We are all strong and independent women and we should never have to depend on a man to take care of us. While its nice to be taken care of and to be treated to a nice dinner or night out on the town, don’t ever be stuck in a situation where you can’t take care of yourself.  Always keep a 20 hidden in your purse for those situations that you get pissed off at the guy you’re with.

2.  Tissues:  For a multitude of reasons.  1. for when you are sick 2. for when you need to touch up makeup 3. for when you are in a bathroom and there is no toilet paper 4. for any other reason you can think of.  I bought a HUGE pack of travel tissues for when I was studying abroad in China because the bathrooms over there are drastically different than those in North America and Europe.  Now I carry them around everywhere and you would be surprised how useful they are.

3. Perfume and Deodorant: I won’t leave the house without perfume both on and also in my purse.  I don’t know why but there is something about smelling good that gives me confidence and also makes me feel put together.  Most perfumes don’t have a wear that is longer than a few hours so I always keep a rollerball, atomizer or a free sample from Macy’s or Sephora in my purse.  If you’re a girl who doesn’t like perfume, carry a body spray.  Personally I love body sprays, especially in the summer, because the cool spray with a light scent is really refreshing and a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling sweaty or dirty.  With deodorant, it  kind of goes with the perfume.  But you never know when the deodorant you’re wearing will fail. Or an even worse situation is the new shirt you’re wearing shows even the tiniest bit of perspiration.  Lets face it ladies, we sweat just like every other human.  There is no shame in admitting that our bodies don’t always smell like roses or are contantly as dry as Death Valley in the summer.  That is the worst feeling that you have a sweat mark or you have slight BO and there is no time to go home to put extra deodorant on.  You can mask it with perfume but its important to also carry around a travel size deodorant for emergency situations.  You may never use it but at least you have it.

4.  Toothpicks or a Toothbrush:  I advocate toothpicks or denta-sticks.  I freaking love denta-sticks (I’m sure I’m spelling that wrong).  They are mint-flavored angled sticks that work as toothpicks but also help with gum hygeine as well.  These are for after you eat.  You can also carry around a tooth brush and tooth paste if you are that anal about oral hygeine.  I know plenty of people who are, and I know a ton of girls who carry one around for the times that they might not make it back to their home (aka boyfriends house) before the morning.   So whatever situation you find yourself in, its nice to make sure your smile is in check. 

5. Mirror:  For 10 thousand self-explanatory reasons.  My top 2 reasons are totally vain, but I think relatable.  You need a mirror when you want to check your makeup, either because you applied it hours ago and you want to know how its holding up, or because you’re going to reapply some product.  For me, my eyes water like crazy whenever I yawn.  If I’m tired, it looks like I’m crying.  And I have a fondness for wearing way too much mascara that isn’t waterproof because I’m too lazy and cheap to deal with makeup remover.  So I keep a mirror to check on my crazy raccoon eyes and black tears.  Also, my second and more important reason, is checking my teeth.  I always have to check my teeth after I eat because I have a phobia of having huge pieces of food sticking out for the world to laugh at.  Its an odd ball quirk left over from years of having braces and every single thing getting stuck in those awesome looking wires in my mouth.

6. Book/Magazine:  I always carry a book in my purse for a few reasons.  First, you don’t know how long you’re going to be sitting in a waiting room at the doctors or dentists office, or waiting at starbucks for your friends to show up.  A book provides that relief from checking your watch and entertainment while you’re waiting.  Also, I read on public transportation.  I picked this one up while living in London.  You would be stuck on the Tube for ever and half the time without cell service.  So reading in between stations was a nice break from staring at peoples asses for 45 minutes.  Plus, I read somewhere that reading in public is confidence boosting! I don’t know if that is true, but having other people see you read is supposed to make you feel better about yourself and feel smarter. I’m just going to run with that one!

7. Handwritten Phone Numbers: For the time when your phone dies and you need to call someone.  Borrowing a strangers phone and then dialing 411 is rude, since it costs them money.  If you find a payphone, it costs extra to dial 411 for a cab.  In the very unlikely chance that you spent your “mad money” and your phone is dead and you need a ride, make sure you have a written phone number somewhere in your purse so you can get yourself out of a tough situation.  I keep a cab’s business card in my wallet, and my boyfriends phone number written on the back. 

8. Swiss Army Knife:  Another piece of advice handed down from my mother.  People think I’m a freak when I bust a knife out of my purse, but I can’t tell you how many times people have asked for scissors, a knife, tweezers, or a nail file.  All of those are handy in one small object! I always carry a swiss army knife because you never know when you’ll need a pair of scissors to cut a tag off, or tweezers to get a splinter out.  I can’t even count the ways that a swiss army knife is helpful.

9. “Confidence Booster”: Whatever that is for you, keep those items that make you feel sexy in your purse.  This category is mostly makeup items.  So if you have acne prone skin, you may want to keep concealer.  If you have oily skin, keep blotting papers and powder.  If you have awesomely full lips (which I hate you for), keep lipstick and lipgloss.  Whatever it is that makes you feel confident, keep it in your purse.  I keep perfume and mascara in my purse, a long with vaseline and chapstick.  Mascara makes me confident so I always have a small sample tube in my purse. 

10. “Protection”:  And I do mean this in the 2 ways you’re probably thinking of it too.  As a female, you should always carry around some sort of protection like pepper spray or a type of rape whistle or horn.  I’m not saying you will be raped or mugged or any harm will come to you, but its a good thing to have in your purse just in case.  The second type of protection is just as important.  For all of you who may be younger, scroll down.  I’m not supporting promiscuous activity, but I’m not stupid either.  Girls, if you’re sexually active, don’t leave it to the guy to always bring the condoms.  Make sure you’re supplied too!  Just in case you find yourself in that type of situation, you want to always make sure your health and safety are taken care of.  Don’t leave that to chance!

This is a much different post than my usual Nail of the Days and Product Reviews with pictures.  But it was fun for my to change it up a little bit. 

What do you guys think?  Do you think I should do more posts like this? Or do you like my normal posts with pictures better?  Also, do any of you carry any of these items in your purse? Or would you add a few things of your own to my list?  I would love your feedback!

4 thoughts on “10 Items Every Girl Should Carry In Her Purse!

  1. I like posts with pictures but this is a good one though once in a while. Ive just did my holy fails(with pictures). it’s like a post with things i buyed, tried out and diddn’t like 🙂

  2. I have everything on this list except a swiss army knife – never even thought how useful that could be! Great post, and definitely a useful one for all of us 🙂

    • awww thanks!! and i use my swiss army knife probably too much lol its a little weird to say i carry a knife around but it definitely comes in handy. thanks for commenting! this lets me know i’m not the only one to carry some of this stuff around

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