Max Factor “Fantasy Fire”

Be ready for picture overload! This post couldn’t just have 2 pictures, like my other nail of the day posts.  I had to take a ton to figure out which ones showed the beauty of this polish! For all of you who actually have a life and aren’t like me, obsessing over the newest nail polishes and lemmings out there, this was a hot nail polish in the UK.  This polish is supposed to be a dupe for the Clarins 230 polish, which is probably the most sought after polish of all time.  I have heard of people who have paid more than $100 for the Clarins off ebay.  Needless to say, I will not be purchasing the Clarins polish because while I am obsessed with nail polish, I like my money too much.  I could purchase 100 bottles of Wet ‘n Wild for the same price as the Clarins.

Anyways, there are a ton of companies who have come out with other multi-chrome polishes like the Clarins.  There are numerous polishes out there that you can pick up that would satisfy your need for a rainbow on your nails.  Anyways, Max Factor in the UK came out with a seriously close dupe of the Clarins 230! I heard nail polish addicts across the pond were going crazy trying to get their hands on this polish.  While it is an affordable brand of polish over there, I heard it was becoming one of the hardest to find polishes.  I could totally be wrong, because I live on the East Coast of the US and not in London anymore, but I heard this was quickly climbing the top of every wish list.

One of my AMAZING subscribers on Youtube contacted me a few weeks ago.  Nina was one of my first subscribers on Youtube and we have emailed several times over the year plus that I’ve been making videos.  We talked about doing a swap a while ago but unfortunately, it never came to fruition.  She emailed me and mentioned Max Factor “Fantasy Fire” and asked if I had heard of it.  Of course I had and I had seen swatches and had drooled.  She graciously offered to send me a bottle! I couldn’t believe it and she wouldn’t accept my offer of sending her polish in return.  But now I have not 1, but 2 of these gems!! She said all she could find are mini bottles, which is why she sent 2.  She also was so kind and sent me some lotion as well.  She is on Tumblr, so go check out her nail of the day posts! She has some amazing mattified glitter layering manicures.

This polish is a little sheer and these are mini bottles which is why there is so much gone out of the bottle.  I had to use 4 coats for the pictures shown, but I can’t wait to layer this polish over some dark blues, purples and reds to see how this polish comes to life when layered.  You can see that this is a purple/blue polish that shimmers to purple, blue, green, gold, red and orange.  I tried to capture all the colors in these pictures, but this one on the right shows the color change the best.  You can see the red, orange, gold, green (a little on the right), blue and purple.  Scrangie did a great comparison post between this and a few other polishes similar so if you want to check that out go here!

I took a ton of pictures of this manicure to try to get the best shots of all the colors.  So click on the “Read More” bottom to see all those shots.  Keep reading to see pictures on my nails!!!!

All of these pictures are in natural light! 4 coats and top coat.  I will try layering this polish over different colors and do that in a future post.


Hope y’all enjoyed this!! Do any of you have this polish? Do any of you want this polish? Do any of you have the Clarins 230?

13 thoughts on “Max Factor “Fantasy Fire”

      • We do have maxfactor here but nothing good lol. We have mini bottles like these but they’re nothing special.
        And what polishes are you jealous of that we have here?? Because I’m not aware of anything we have that’s that special lol! I’d LOVE to come to the US someday.. I’d probably go crazy and buy 200 polishes

      • Oh na, sadly we can also only get them online 😦 some people say they’ve found glitter gal in pharmacies or chemists (I think that’s like a drugstore for you guys…?) but I’ve never seen them 😦

      • Well I think it varies depending on exactly where you are and all that, but it is kinda pricey lol. But if that wouldn’t bother you I’d love to do a swap! I might not be able to right now but soon 🙂

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