OPI James Bond Holiday Collection Preview!

I haven’t been that good about posting nail polish collection sneak peeks.  But I’ve slowly been seeing promotional materials for this collection and am getting seriously excited.  Holiday nail polish collections are usually my favorite collections out of all the seasonal collections that companies release.  OPI’s holiday collection last year broke my budget and I bought almost all of the polishes! This year, I will probably do the same.  Especially after seeing these pictures and the surprise addition!  Not only are there the normal 12 polishes, but theres a secret 13th limited edition shade being released as well!

OPI announced on their Facebook page last week that the James Bond Holiday collection will be released in October (tenatively October 1st I believe).  The release is set to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise.  They also released a few images of the upcoming collection!  These photos are all from the OPI Facebook page

Keep reading for more pictures!!

Breaking with the norm, OPI didn’t name all these polishes after a James Bond style pun.  Instead, all the polishes are named after James Bond movies! I kind of like the change of pace, even though the names of OPI polishes are one of my favorite parts about the collections.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Casino Royale

You Only Live Twice

Die Another Day



The World Is Not Enough

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The Living Daylights

Live And Let Die

Tomorrow Never Dies.

And the special limited edition shade that is going to coincide with the James Bond collection:

The Man with the Golden Gun

(Photo Credit: OPI Facebook page !)

From OPI about the OPI “The Man with the Golden Gun” Gold Leaf Top Coat:

OPI has crafted the perfect, decadent Christmas treat – complete with a dash of luxury, a sprinkling of fashion, and touch of intrigue – to celebrate James Bond’s Golden Anniversary, OPI introduces an 18 karat gold leaf top coat, The Man with the Golden Gun.

Inspired by the world of 007, this stunning, real 18 karat gold top coat contains real 18 karat gold and comes packaged in a special limited edition collectable gold bottle.  This luminous, rich top coat adds an additional layer of chic gold leaf texture whether painted over your favourite OPI lacquer shade to create a flecked gold appearance or applied directly onto the nail itself.

For 50 years Bond beauties have graced the big screen with their dazzling looks and opulent style, and gold has always played a prominent role.

Gold transcends time; from the first Bond film to the soon to be released – Skyfall – Bond Girls have adorned themselves with gold accessories from jewelry and heels to clutches. The OPI The Man With the Golden Gun Top Coat’s radiant hue and stunning 18 karat gold leaf texture and patterns take accessorising for the party season to new level.

I am seriously drooling over the Gold Leaf top coat, I don’t care how expensive it is.  I know that Sephora by OPI came out with one that is really similar, if not the same, but I think that one might not be as chunky.  I do have Essie’s gold flakie top coat, which is somewhat similar, but this one looks like much bigger flakes.  And hell, its real Gold!

I’m adding to my wish list The Man with the Golden gun, You Only Live Twice, The Living Daylights, GoldenEye and Live and Let Die.  I want to see swatches of Tomorrow Never Dies, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Casino Royal before I say I really want them.  Some of the other shades look very ordinary and colors I’ve seen before.  But overall, I’m very excited and can’t wait until swatches come online!

What do you guys think? Which ones are on your wish lists?

12 thoughts on “OPI James Bond Holiday Collection Preview!

  1. I LOOOOOVE James Bond… and nail polish. I can’t wait. It always reminds me of watching the movie marathons on tv with my dad and my absolute favorite dream car, an Aston Martin 🙂 So getting this collection!

  2. I seriously think I’m going to buy this whole collection, it looks freakin amazing!
    I heard that gold leaf top coat will cost $30US so it’ll probably cost $40 or $50 here but it’s so amazing, I think I’d still buy it. :/

    • i heard that too 😦 not excited about that. i can’t wait to see swatches because right now i’m really obsessed. i really want the opi spotted top coat too … have you seen swatches of that yet?

  3. I love this collection i want a lot of it lol and ofcourse the man with the golden gun. they will have nail apps too from this collection

    • oooohh i haven’t seen the nail app promotional materials yet! can’t wait for that! i found some of the nail apps on clearance yesterday and i had to talk myself out of getting them. i want a lot of this collection too

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