10 Nail Blogger Questions

My beautiful friend from across the lake Zenorah put this up on her blog the other day and I immediately knew I was going to answer it too.  If you haven’t checked out Zenorah’s blog, you definitely should! But if you’re reading this, I talk about her all the time so you’re probably already aware of her.  If you’re a fellow blogger, I hope you do this too and let me know your answers! I love would love to know what your responses are to these questions!

1. For how long have you been a nail nerd?

A few years now.  I had the worst nail biting habit.  I would bite my nails until they bled sometimes.  Then, about 6 years ago, I started to make a conscious effort to stop.  I didn’t kick the biting fully until roughly 4 (or maybe 3 and a half) years ago.  What helped me stop was painting my nails.  It started with clear coats and if I put a nail in my mouth I would be able to feel that there was something on my nails, which triggered the urge to resist.  I would wear Sally Hansen clear nail strengtheners until my nails grew long enough to put a color on.  Then it was sheer nudes and light pinks.  Then I graduated to dark colors because I didn’t think I had the personality to pull off any other color.  After a few months my collection grew to roughly 10 nail polishs (all sinful colors).  Once I discovered fast dry top coats, my world was over and I was changing my nail polish every other day and buying new polish whenever I was in a store that sold it.

2. How many polishes do you have in your collection?

This is a rough question for me.  Because I don’t keep polish I don’t like, I know that might sound weird to some bloggers.  If I have an issue with a brush, finish, or dry time, I normally get rid of it. I give a lot of polish away to friends and my boyfriends neices and I throw away a lot too.  I have around 250 in my collection now, give or take a few, but have probably bought and gotten rid of the same amount. 

3. If you, starting now, had to use polishes from only one brand, which would it be?

This is mean! I can’t pick just one brand! I love Butter London and Deborah Lippmann for their formula, consistency and finishes.  But they are expensive and don’t have the best range of shades.  Probably OPI just because they come out with new collections like 8 times a year.  They aren’t my absolute favorite, but I have to pick OPI just because I could have the most variety.

4. How much do you spend on nail polish and nail care in a given month?

Depends on the month.  In the summer months, I normally don’t buy too much nail polish, maybe 1 or 2 in the 3 or 4 months.  But once fall and holiday collections come out, I’m a crazy person and buy like 10 a month.  And in terms of nail care, I buy when I run out.  If I’m out a base coat, I go get a new one.  So I can’t say if it takes me a month or 5 months to go through a bottle of base coat.  But I normally go through a bottle of top coat every month to month and a half.

5. The most expensive polish in your collection is…?

Chanel “Peridot”.  Its the only Chanel polish I own and its because I couldn’t stop myself.  I always pass on Chanel polish because dupes always come out a year after. I knew if I was patient I would eventually get a cheaper version.  But my birthstone is peridot and I loved the color.  It was $25 if I remember right.

6. What are your lemmings right now?

Oh god, so many.  I want a ton of Nail Venturous colors and other hard to find indie brand polishes.  I want OPI “Mad as a Hatter” just to say I have it, not really because of the overly unique quality of the polish.  I have a ton on my wishlist that I know I’ll eventually get, I just have to actually bite the bullet and spend the money, like some A England polishes and Picture Polishes. 

7. Favorite finish?

creme, glitter and jelly. 

8. Least favorite finish?

frost! and sometimes shimmer.

9. What nail care products can’t you live without?

glass nail file, cuticle oil and right now I really like my nailtique II.  Its for soft and peeling nails.  It was a ridiculously expensive base coat and I don’t know if it is really helping.  But my nails seem to be growing really really quickly! I had a break about 2 weeks ago down to the skin and my nail is already back to normal! Before starting to use this base coat I had a really bad break that took 2 months to get back to normal.  It could be the base coat or it could be that I changed my diet a little.  Either way, my nails are growing like a beast and I love it.

10. What polish is on your nails right now?

ok this is super boring and I’m hating it right now, but a shellac french manicure 😦 I got my nails done last night because my dad is getting married next week.  It is a destination wedding so I’m going on vacation.  I didn’t know what color was going to be appropriate for the wedding and I normally get shellac done for vacations so I don’t annoy my family/friends/boyfriend (whoever I’m with) with my crazy OCD nail obsession.  Also, so I’m not sitting around painting my nails when I could be enjoying my vacation.  I figured a french is the most universally appealing manicure and my dad won’t look back on pictures years later and I’m wearing bright blue or neon yellow nail polish.  Also, you can paint over shellac! You just need a non-acetone nail polish remover and it won’t ruin the shellac manicure.  Since I got it done last night, I didn’t have time to paint over it before I went to bed.  So I’ll have a french manicure today and paint something fun over it later.

Hope you guys enjoyed this! If you’re a blogger, please please please do this too so I can read all about your nail obsession too!

8 thoughts on “10 Nail Blogger Questions

  1. I filled this out today!! I totally agree – I HATE frost finish polishes!! Ugh!
    And I was exactly the same with the whole nail biting thing but I only stopped like a year and a half ago!

    • i think a lot of ex-nail biters are the ones that are the most obsessed with nail polish. whenever i read blogs people always say their obsession with pretty nails started when they stopped biting. good to know i’m not alone!

  2. I am so happy you did this post too!! as I was typing out my answers I wondered what yours would be as well 🙂 and OPI mad as a hatter is honestly just o.k. i think it gets more hype than it deserves, in fact it’s not my fave opi glitter.

    • what is your favorite opi glitter? and i have always heard the same thing but i think its because it was so sought after and i couldn’t get it. its always the case that the things you can’t get you want the most even tho they aren’t really that great when you think about it

  3. Count me in as an ex-nail biter, too – I bit my nails horribly for years before I finally kicked the habit for good! And, yes – my obsession with nail polish began then. I think you have more than I do, though! I haven’t counted in awhile… but I am sure I’ll be adding to my stash again soon 😀

    • oh man i hate thinking about all the polish i have! and i have bought about 10 in the last 2 weeks. i have some major problems and all these fall collections is just going to make it worse

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