OPI “Quarter of a Cent Cherry”

This is another polish that was a little bit tricky to photograph.  For some reason, the settings on my camera freaked out and got really bright to compensate for the extreme dark red of this polish.  That is why my skin looks really washed out and overly light in this picture.  But this polish comes with a story!

This polish was my bridesmaid gift for one of my best friends weddings.  She got married last December and her colors were black and creme with hints of deep dark red.  Her wedding and color scheme was so classy and sophisticated.  All the bridesmaids wore little black dresses, pearls and dark red nails! She wanted all of her bridesmaids to be classic yet sex bombs. There is something absolutely sexy about a dark red nail and I have been a firm believer in the thought that every girl needs that perfect red to make her feel sexy.  So one of the gifts that she gave us was what she called the perfect sexy red nail.

Here comes OPI “Quarter of a Cent Cherry”.  The picture on the right shows more accurately what this polish looks like in real life.  This is seriously exactly the shade of red that is MY perfect red nail.  To me, the perfect red is a dark red creme that is dark enough to be vampy but light enough to still shows that its red in every light.  Quarter of a Cent Cherry is really close in color to my all time favorite “sexy” red, which is Sephora by OPI “Mr. Right Now,” but that polish is a jelly rather than a creme.

The formula on this polish is amazing.  The formula is a little thin but it was extremely opaque.  It was almost opaque in 1 coat but I used 2 for these pictures.  The finish is ultra glossy as well, which is amazing but unfortunately for me it shows all the imperfections in my manicure.  I didn’t get the most even finish (my error, not polish error), and unfortunately you can see the little dents in the manicure.

Dry time was great.  Only complaint I have is that this polish chipped really quickly.  I don’t remember it chipping this bad before, but I got my first chip on my index finger within a few hours of wear.  It could be my nails or the base coat I use, but the wear wasn’t that great with this one.  Also another thing that was a little weird that I never noticed before is that in the lowest light, I mean sitting inside at night, the color looked almost like a dark brick red.  There seems to be a little bit of a brown tone to this polish in low lights, which I was a little surprised about.  But I’m getting super picky here.

If you’re looking for a good darker red creme, this one is great.  If you have a good base coat then you won’t have an issue with chipping at all.  I love that this polish is thinner but super opaque.  Also, its so glossy that if you aren’t a person to wear a top coat you can totally get away with it here.  This is also an older OPI polish that is a part of the regular line so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding this polish at all.

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? What are your all time favorite reds?

16 thoughts on “OPI “Quarter of a Cent Cherry”

  1. Have you ever tried the Seche Vite top coat? It’s awesome at protecting from chips. I have to hand wash my dishes (ergh) so chipping is the bane of my existence & this top coat is a miracle worker 🙂

  2. Looks fantastic!
    Great review! I think you have succesfully convinced me I need this in my collection. As I’m typing this I’m adding it to my iPhone Notes ‘Lemming List’. Haha, well done 🙂

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