OPI “Pirouette My Whistle”

Side note: I’m totally watching Titanic right now and feel like scouring my collection to find a nail polish color that is the same color as the heart of the ocean necklace.  Just saying.  Felt like y’all needed to know that.
This polish was a semi-lemming for me.  When I first saw promotional pictures and swatches on other blogs of this polish I knew I wanted it.   So naturally, it was sold out everywhere.  I asked my girls at Ulta when it was going to be restocked and if they had any in the back.  Every time I was at my salon, or walking by a random salon, or in an Ulta I looked for this polish.  I was determined to find it, but too stubborn to order it offline.  I get like that sometimes, where I really want a polish but refuse to order it offline because I want to be able to see it in person and see how the formula is.  Anyways, this polish came out in March I believe and I was craving it like crazy.  But I could never find it and I put it in the back of my mind.  Then on my most recent trip to Ulta, I finally found this polish and it was the last one left.  Needless to say, I snatched this up and its been on my nails ever since.

OPI “Pirouette my Whistle” is a sheer glitter with muted silver micro glitter and chunk muted silver glitter, and the chunky pieces almost look like white.  I absolutely love how this looks but it is really sheer.  When I first tried it on I was a little disappointed with how sheer it was because I could only get one piece of the bigger glitter on each nail.  I had to dig to get each piece on my nail.  Both of the pictures are shown with 2 coats of Pirouette my Whistle and most of the nails I had to dig pieces out of the bottle to add more. I just really wanted more glitter!

The top picture is OPI “Pirouette my Whistle” over Pop Beauty “Foggy”.  I’ve shown Foggy before on its own, and if you want to see that post you can go here! I wanted to try it over a grey because so many of the swatches I saw of the OPI over the grey polish in the OPI NYC Ballet collection.  Then I was so enamored with how it looked over grey that I had to try it over another color.  I tried it over Julep “Charlotte” which is pictured right and got so many compliments! I absolutely love this polish and am proud to say that I’ve worn it for a week straight now.  I keep getting ideas for cool color combinations and have a feeling I’ll be wearing this again really soon!

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