Essie “Navigate Her”

I have posted this polish before and was a little hesitant about featuring it again.  I hate to post polishes more than once because there isn’t much I can say about a polish in two separate posts.  Most of the time I talk about the formula and any issues I have with a polish the first time I feature it.  But as a nail polish addict, I wear the polishes I buy more than once.  So there is a slight dilemma that I think a lot of bloggers face.  I have polishes that I love wearing but want to give you guys some variety.

A fellow nail blogger, Christina from Adventures in Polishland came up with an idea to feature her older polishes once a week.  I might be stealing that idea but right now I have about 20 plus polishes that I still have to try out.

Anyways, to see the other posts where I have featured this polish, you can go here for a manicure with this green and an almost neon creamsicle color and here on its own!  Now on to the polish!

Essie “Navigate Her” was an “it” color for the spring.  Pistachio greens were all the rage this last spring season and I went absolutely crazy trying to find this polish.  I looked for it in so many different stores and finally picked it up after a few weeks of searching.  I really need to start shopping online more rather than wasting gas money.  The color itself is kind of interesting to me.  I originally thought this polish would be brighter but its more on the muted side.  It is a true pistachio color but almost leans to a neutral rather than a bright light green with a yellow tone. And the yellow tone to this polish makes it look really nice against my skin tone (or at least I think so).

The formula was awesome! It wasn’t too thick, wasn’t too thin and was completely opaque in 2 coats.  The dry time was average.  Another thing that I was impressed with is that I have yet to get any air bubbles in my manicures from this polish.  There is something about Essie polishes where I get air bubbles in almost every single creme polish that I own.  Formula gets an A+.

What do you guys think of this polish? Do you have it? Anyone else have problems with Essie polishes and getting air bubbles?

4 thoughts on “Essie “Navigate Her”

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