Orly “Mermaid Tail”

I love glitter.  Have I ever mentioned that? Can you tell that I love glitter by the crazy amount of glitter manicures that I post on here? I know people really hate glitter because of the pain in the ass removal process, but I always suffer through it because I love anything sparkly.  So when I heard about the Orly Flash Glam FX collection I knew I wanted to pick up a ton of them! Well, once I saw the Flash Glam display at Ulta, I only ended up picking up one.  I now am in hunt of a few more from that collection, namely R.I.P! But I ended up picking this one and couldn’t be happier!

Orly “Mermaid Tale” is a green holographic chunky glitter in a clear base.  There are green chunky glitters, green chunky holographic glitters, and green microglitters.  This glitter is so densely packed! I couldn’t get over just how dense this glitter is, especially since I’ve been wearing a lot of sheer glitters lately.

Formula wise, it is very similar to other chunky glitters.  Very thick and sometimes not that easy to apply.  I had a hard time getting the polish to spread out to my cuticles and I had to work a little harder.  But, if you’re a fan of chunky glitters, then you know that that is nothing new.  While the formula is thick, the dry time is good because it is so densely packed with glitter.  I think the more glitter in a polish, the faster the dry time.

This is 1 coat of Mermaid Tale over 1 coat of Zoya “Zuza”.  I couldn’t figure out what polish to pair the Orly with.  Zuza is similar to Mermaid Tale but more teal so it made it more like an under the sea type of feel.  Another thing I loved about this manicure, aside from the awesome sparkly-ness, was how long this lasted! I wore it for 4 days before I had tip wear.  Once there is a chip or visible tip wear I have to take off my polish.  So going 4 days without any  type of tip wear is phenomenal for me.  I really like this polish and can’t wait to find more from the Flash Glam line.
What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish or any of polishes from the Flash Glam collection?

16 thoughts on “Orly “Mermaid Tail”

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  2. OK, I’m late to the party on this one, but I just picked it up at Sally’s today! It was on clearance for $5.99 and it was the only Mermaid Tale in the bunch so I was a happy camper! lol I love your picture with it over Zuza, so I’ll give that a try and I was thinking I could make a jelly sandwich with Frida, too. I’m guessing it’ll work with both blues and greens? 🙂

    • its so funny you said you were thinking of a jelly sandwich with frida because that is what i’m wearing right now! it might be a minute until i can get the post up but i have a jelly sandwich with 1 coat of china glaze four leaf clover, then mermaid tale, then 2 coats of frida and it looks like lime green jello! its freaking awesome

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