Mermaid Rides the Waves (Jelly Sandwich!)

When I picked up these two polishes at Ulta last month, I knew right away that I was going to make them into a jelly sandwich.  China Glaze “Ride the Waves” is a cerulean blue jelly that has quickly become one of my favorite blue polishes in my collection.  Ride the Waves is the perfect blue jelly because it looks light you’re staring through a swimming pool or ocean down to the bottom.  You can still see visible nail line after three coats and I kind of like that.  In the direct sunlight it looks like a neon bright blue but indoors at night it looks like a dark royal blue.  It is definitely one of the most versatile  polishes I own because you can wear it in almost every season and you play with it so much.  To see what Ride the Waves looks like on its own, you can go here!

Orly “Mermaid Tail” I originally blogged about yesterday.  It is a new polish from the Orly Flash Glam FX collection.  Mermaid Tail is a densely packed green chunky glitter with chunky pieces of holographic green glitter and green microglitter.  It is monochromatic but intense and super dense.  I think you would be able to get it opaque on its own in 3 coats.  If you want to see what that looks like, you can go here!

After playing with both of these polishes I knew I had to pair them together! So what I did was do one coat of Ride the Waves.  Then one coat of Mermaid Tail.  And then topped that with another thin coat of Ride the Waves.  The result … The coolest jelly sandwich I’ve done to date!! It is the basically my “Under the Sea” manicure!  It kind of makes me think of bubbles under the water or blue coral.  I love how it came out and I love the depth and dimension of the manicure.

Do any of you guys have either of these polishes? Or have you done any jelly sandwich manicures? What are your favorite combos for jelly manicures!?!?

4 thoughts on “Mermaid Rides the Waves (Jelly Sandwich!)

  1. This is such a beautiful manicure!! I have a love-hate relationship with China Glaze but I just might get this one!!! Honestly, the prettiest Jelly Sandwich I’ve seen to date!! love it!

    • awww thank you!!! thats so sweet! and i kind of have the same thoughts on china glaze which is why i don’t always get a ton of them. they are probably the big company that i have the least colors from

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