Wet ‘n Wild Fergie “Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night”

I was grocery shopping last weekend in our brand new grocery store.  My town tore down its regular grocery store and built a super-grocery store earlier this year.  This grocery store is bigger than most Walmarts and sells high end makeup and skin care brands like Philosophy, Benefit and Boscia.  Shocking, I know.  Or is it just me that is shocked and this is nothing new in other parts of the world? Anyways, I can’t just go into any store that sells nail polish and not browse a little.  This time in the store I noticed a new display on the end cap of the cosmetics aisle.  My grocery store now carries the Wet ‘n Wild Fergie nail polish line! For all of you guys who haven’t heard, Fergie teamed up with Wet ‘n Wild and released a nail polish line.

From Wet ‘n Wild’s website:  Rock all sides of The Dutchess from flossy to fierce in Fergified shades! 24 stunning shades specially developed in partnership with global superstar and pop culture icon Fergie. This exclusive collection is a reflection of the singer’s versatility, with looks ranging from rock-star glam to phunky hip to viciously edgy. Each on-trend shade embodies Fergie’s experimental style, specially formulated with glitters, confetti, chromes, metallics, and exclusive neon pigments that offer endless nail design creations.

I had heard about this line of nail polish but I had yet to see the polishes in stores.  So I picked up the most unique and “me” color in the display. Fergie “Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night” is a black glitter with chunky gold glitter suspended in a clear base.  I have to say, I opened the bottle in the store to see what the formula was going to be like but I was still completely shocked to see how opaque this polish is! This is just 1 coat and I had to make it a semi-thin coat because I still wanted to see the polish underneath.  I think this polish could easily be opaque on its own in 3 coats.   I’m wearing Julep’s “Charlotte” underneath, one of my favorite one coat polishes.

The formula on this polish was amazing.  Most of the time, glitters are thicker but this formula was almost a little thin.  I wouldn’t call it watery, but it was really thin for what I was expecting.  Dry time was great since it was thinner and it is a glitter.  I didn’t have any issues at all and since its Wet ‘n Wild, its totally affordable.

My only issue is what colors should I layer it over!

What do you guys think? Have any of you seen the Fergie nail polish line? What color would you pair with this polish?

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