China Glaze “No Plain Jane”

Like a lot of other people, I practically died when I heard that China Glaze was coming out with an all duochrome collection in the fall.  I had every single one with the exception of one of the colors on my wishlist (cough cough, enough with the chanel peridot dupes, cough cough).  I waited for swatches to come out on blogs like Scrangie and Vampy Varnish.  And eventually, I saw the collection for myself.  I was at Ulta a few weeks ago and finally found a display that was completely picked over.  Luckily every color was still available, even though there was only 1 bottle of each color.  After looking at every color I ended up picking up only 1 out of the 6 and already I realize that I share the same opinion of a lot of other bloggers.

China Glaze “No Plain Jane” is a purple and beige duochrome.  I was going to call the beige color more of a gold, but the color is too muted.  On the nail, the duochrome doesn’t show up almost at all.  I managed to try to capture a little bit of the color change on the picture on the right, near the cuticles of every nail, but it isn’t noticeable in real life at all.  Every blog I’ve read that has reviewed this polish has said the same thing about this polish, that they wished the duochrome showed up more.  I feel exactly the same way.  A purple beige duochrome is so unique but when you don’t get any color change it turns into any other bright purple.

The formula is also a little bit streaky as well.  Its the most obvious in first picture on the left.  It isn’t an awful streaky mess but I do notice some streaks and I had to make a little bit of an effort during application to ensure that the lines were that noticeable.  Besides from the disappointing color shift and the streaky formula, the actual polish has really good pigmentation.  This was 2 coats and I honestly thought I was going to need 3 after applying the first coat.  The polish consistency was also really thin and a little watery, but it wasn’t hard to control.  Since it was thin, it dried quickly.  Overall, I wasn’t too happy with this polish.  I wish the color shift was a lot more noticeable and vibrant, because I’m not the biggest fan of this finish without a strong color change.

What do you guys think? Do you have any of the other colors from the collection? Have you tried this polish yet?

15 thoughts on “China Glaze “No Plain Jane”

  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  2. Well i met a few people there and i loved it diddn’t want to leave. And just need to sort some things out with a boy hehe 🙂 I got a bad knee also so just another holiday to see some friends and chill out 🙂
    I’m really counting down the days.. 40 to go and 26 till my birthday haha

      • Well it seems he have a girlfriend right now but so many things happend the last 2 months that i really need to sort this out. Diddn’t wanna fall in love but i still think of him like everyday. My heart is broken but i still like him, he must stole it! We’ll just stay friends then or not need to figure that out and i want to show him what he’s missing out. I know he liked me a lot. He bought a necklace for me but never saw it anyway because his boos made him work when it was time to leave for me 😦

      • awww thats awful! hopefully everything works out with him and it will be nice to see him again. and girls are totally jealous like that and i don’t always understand why. i think jealousy comes from being insecure and you’re beautiful so its only natural that his girlfriend would be jealous of you. and if you guys are meant to be together, something will come of it. all you can do is try and hopefully everything works out.

      • Awww thanks i’m not beautifull lol. I hope it works out. And if it doesn’t i hope we can stay friends because it makes me quite sad about what is happening right now. He doesn’t really need to block me on facebook that pissed me off but i unsterstand she was jealous because she knew we had something together but she also knew that we are friends right now. But i’m just going back for the girls there and show him what he is missing out. I hope he will take a look at me again and just some magic need to happen lol. After 2 months i still like him tho he broke my heart. he loves my bracelet thats a good thing tho.. mmm i could talk hours bout him pmsl. *scream*

      • hey at least you have friends there. you can go and have fun with your girls and hopefully he sees you and he’ll see what he’s missing. sometimes seeing each other in person helps a ton because you forget how much you feel for one another until you are faced with it. good luck! its coming up really soon

      • Your so nice babe thanks that really cheers me up a bit. It’s true that it will be diffrent face to face because ive been talking to a lot of people and some said things about me to him and don’t know what tho but he just needs to know how i feel. I want to have a one on one convo that would be the best to sort it out but ill just have to wait another 32 days to see whats going to happen lol. I’m already thinking what i’m going to say to him lol and i still have a ring for him. An extra to change his mind hahaha 😉

      • you’ll definitely be able to have a conversation with him and don’t stress about it too much. you’re so sweet and kind that as long as you be yourself, he’ll definitely love you. and i bet he’ll love the ring you got him, just shows him that you’re thinking of him and the next 31 days will fly by!

      • I think he does the ring matches the bracelet i have him and the necklace that he already had. I hope he’s going to like me again. i heard he doesnt really talk to girls since he got that girlfriend lol. I don’t wanna stress out but people ask me anything about him all the time or ill go up on my mums facebook just to see his pics. I cant call him over and over again lol so ill just text sometimes to show him ill stick with him

  3. it’s just so many people have been talking about ‘us’ and ive been answering some girl (that’s not his gf anyway) but i think she showed it too him when she was there and i just don’t know if he is angry. His girlfriend made him block me on facebook because i said happy birthday askim(darling) :-/ It was just as friends but well jealous haha. But well if you want to know more let me know because everyone is like reading this right now haha. It’s just a quite difficult story i guess 😦

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