China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection Preview

I have a huge weakness for fall, halloween and holiday collections.  I think its all the darker colors and the glitter, since those are my favorite shades to wear.  While OPI is releasing a 12 piece (plus 1) collection that is tied to the upcoming James Bond movie, China Glaze decided to go a little more classic with their holiday collection this year.

I’m sorry China Glaze but what is up with this picture.  I seriously had to double check and make sure this wasn’t an older promo picture because it screams so 80s to me! It even looks older with the picture quality.  Aside from the 80s and Hallmark style promotional material, I’m kind of excited.

Here are the colors!

  • Winter Holly – green glitter (Glitter) (Limited Edition)
  • Glitter All The Way – multi glitter (Glitter) (Limited Edition)
  • Angel Wings – gold holographic glitter (Glitter) (Limited Edition)
  • Glistening Snow – silver holographic glitter (Glitter) (Limited Edition)
  • Blue Bells Ring – blue metallic (Shimmer) (Limited Edition)
  • Pizzazz – multi glitter overlay (Glitter)
  • Merry Berry – dark red creme (Creme)
  • Red Satin – red creme (Creme)
  • Cranberry Splash – dark red shimmer (Shimmer)
  • With Love – bright red creme (Creme)
  • Pure Joy – red/gold glitter (Glitter)
  • Champagne Kisses – champagne gold glitter (Glitter) (Limited Edition)

Its interesting how heavy this collection in reds! A red glitter, 3 red cremes and a red shimmer? Red is definitely one of my favorite holiday colors so I don’t really mind.  I definitely have Winter Holly on my wish list, any guesses why?? Green, glitter and its named Holly? No brainer!  I found out in my research that all of the polishes that don’t have limited edition next to the name will be added to the core line after the holidays (or at least that’s the rumor!).

Which colors do you guys have your eyes on? This is set to release some in November/December.  I’m getting excited!

6 thoughts on “China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection Preview

  1. Holly/Angelwings are MINE for sure! Bluebells is pretty too 🙂 I’m eventually going to own like half of these 😛

    The same 3 seasons are my kryptonite too 😛 I do a majority of my polish buying with holidays in mind. You can have such fun polish!

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