Butter London “Lillibet’s Jubilee”

Y’all know that Butter London is one of my favorite brands.  I discovered Butter London when it came to Ulta a year and a half ago and every since I’ve been hooked.  So when I heard that Butter London was releasing a new limited edition shade in the spring, I knew I had to have it.   Butter London released this color commemoration of the Queen’s 60th anniversary of being on the throne.  I go crazy over limited edition anything, so I really wanted this polish, until I saw the color.  I bounced back and forth on whether to get this polish because I have several lilac foil type polishes.  I even did a comparison post of my lilac foils, which you can look at here!  So I didn’t know if I wanted yet another one when I don’t wear the ones I have now! After 6 months of going back and forth on whether to buy this color, I got this for my birthday a few weeks ago! Thanks to my dads generosity (thanks dad!), I have this beauty to show you guys.

Butter London “Lillibet’s Jubilee” is a lilac/silver foil finish.  It is the true definition of a foil nail polish. In some lights it looks more silver, and in others it leans more purple.  You can kind of see that from the two pictures, the top to me looks more purple while the bottom looks more silver.  Formula was perfect, just like a lot of Butter London polishes.  This is 1 coat.  Just 1.  I did regular coats but if you are someone who does EXTREMELY thin coats then you might need 2.  Staying power was great too! I wore this for 3 days before I saw any type of tip wear, and I’m using a computer all day typing notes.  I can’t wait to try different glitters over top of this polish because as a lot of you know, I love putting glitter over foils because it seriously looks like a mirror on your nails.  In my personal opinion, glitters are always sparkle the most paired with a foil.  So I’m getting so many different ideas for layering now (one of those ideas is coming up next!)

What do you guys think? Do any of you have this? Have any of you guys seen this before?

I got mine off Amazon since I’ve never seen it at Ulta.  Its also available at ButterLondon.com

8 thoughts on “Butter London “Lillibet’s Jubilee”

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