Day 11 of the 30 Day Makeup Challenge

Day 11: Where do you buy your makeup?

Multiple places!

I think Ulta takes the cake for my #1 place to go for makeup.  I like going to Ulta because I love the Ulta rewards program.  I get free makeup a few times a year, and if I spend a fortune at Ulta I can get free perfume! That is why I love shopping at Ulta and pick up the majority of my makeup there.

But there are a few things that Ulta does not have that I like to use and play with.  Every Ulta I’ve ever been to doesn’t have the best selection of Wet ‘n Wild, which is one of my staple makeup brands.  I love their eye shadows and my go-to brow pencil is the Wet ‘n Wild Coloricon pencil in taupe.  Also, the closest Ulta to me is about 30 minutes away.  There is one that is close to my school, but I mostly have to plan my trips to Ulta so I end up waiting until I need multiple things.  When I need one or two things, or I’m looking for Wet ‘n Wild products, I hit up Walgreens or CVS.

The last place I get my makeup is from Sephora.  I go to Sephora whenever I’m at the mall and about a third of the time pick up a product or two.  Mostly I’m too cheap to buy a lot of things at Sephora.

I have a feeling a lot of people who do this post list MAC in their places to buy makeup.  It might be makeup blasphemy but I don’t use a lot of MAC.  I can count on one hand how many products I have from MAC right now.  I think MAC is good and I like a lot of their products, but I don’t have any MAC counters or stores near me and I don’t like it enough to make the trip over an hour away.  If I had one close to me I probably would have included it in this list.


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