Tradition? Superstition?

Do you guys believe in any type of superstition? Or do you have any type of traditions? Or lets take it one step further … Do any of you remember the nail polish you were wearing on special days?  This might be really odd to some people but I am pretty superstitious.  At this time last year, I started a new chapter in my life.   Going to law school was the best and dumbest idea I’ve ever had but I don’t regret one thing … well except for the massive bill I’m going to get later.  I’m starting my second year, so I’m one third of the way done.  I remember my first day of law school and it was one of the most nerve-racking and intimidating days of my life.  Another thing I remember, and this may sound really pathetic to some people, but I remembered the nail polish I was wearing.  I purposely picked Zoya “Kelly” to wear for my first day of law school.  It might sound weird, but I thought about the color I wanted to wear for a while before I picked Kelly.

This color is chic and sophisticated.  It’s not too dark but still screams powerful to me.  I wanted to send the right message to my professors on my first day.  I personally wear certain colors when I’m in certain moods and this totally set the mood for my first day of law school.  The whole time I was wearing it I was thinking of Elle Woods, “totally look the part”.  So because I’m pretty superstitious and have a thing for tradition, I knew I was going to wear this color for the first day of my second year.  I started it with Kelly, so I’m going to start the next year with it too.  Since I’ve featured this polish a ton before and not too long ago, I’ll just say its opaque in 2 coats, dries fast and is easy to work with.  This polish is definitely one of my favorites and now holds a special place in my collection.

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