Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream Review

I am a total convert to the BB cream band wagon.  I picked up the Jasmine Water BB cream back in the spring and totally fell in love.  I also tried the Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB cream and liked that one a lot too.  I still have my Jasmine Water but right now its way to light for my skin tone, so I was looking around for one that would be a little bit darker.  I kept hearing amazing things about the Lioele BB creams so I decided to try one out.  The Beyond the Solution was being sold on Amazon for $10 so I figured I would give that one a try first.  I have to say, I’m definitely impressed.

I really like the packaging of this BB cream.  Instead of being in a squeeze bottle, it has a pump and a squeeze bottle.  Its definitely more hygienic and if you’re a reader of my blog then you know that I’m a stickler for my makeup being hygienic.  The pump makes it more hygienic because you won’t get bacteria into the product but since its a squeeze tube too, you can get more of the product out of the packaging.  I definitely am impressed with this packaging.

One thing about BB creams that you should be weary about is the color.  Not all BB creams have a color range, nor do you really know the tone of the product.  Tip: do your homework before you buy and research which would be good for your complexion.  The color is a little grey toned but I found that it morphs to match my skin tone pretty easily after being applied.  Formula wise, this stuff is also a little thick and sometimes tricky to blend.  It doesn’t blend the easiest right away, you kind of have to warm up the product first.  I recommend warming up the product between your fingers before applying it.

No makeup, early in the morning.  Yes I look scary and tired.

With a light layer of Lioele Beyond the Solution BB cream

What I like: I like that its really natural looking.  Even though the color doesn’t match me perfectly, you can’t tell because it melts into my skin really well.  It almost looks like a second layer of skin and just evens out my complexion rather than doing major coverage.  But I will tell you that I applied a very light layer and this stuff is buildable for a more full coverage.  I have worn this product for a more full coverage.  Also, the coverage lasts for a long time.  I find that at the end of the day (9 or so hours for me) there isn’t any fading.

What I don’t like: While the coverage lasts all day, the oil control doesn’t.  While I don’t have a huge problem with oil at all but I find that I get a little oily on my forehead after a few hours with this product.  Also, it isn’t the best at shine control.  Also, its not the easiest product to blend.  Its not bad at blending and I don’t have to work that hard but I do have to warm the product up a little bit to get it to glide on easily.

Overall, I really like this product.  Is it better than my Jasmine Water BB cream? Nothing compares to that in my eyes.  But that product is also $20 more expensive.  So is this great for $10.  Heck Yes! I am totally impressed and would definitely recommend it.  I love the finish and look of this product, as well as the staying power.  I just don’t like the fact that I get a little shiny early on.  Also, it isn’t the most blendable but it isn’t awful either.  I’m getting super picky about the blending ability of this product because once your body heat warms it up, it goes on nicely and skins in fast.  Really, there aren’t any real complaints with this product.

Grade: A-

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