September Julep Mavens Box

If you’ve been a reader of my blog or a subscriber of my YouTube videos then you know that I have a long history with Julep.  I became a Julep Maven last August and got my first box in late August.  I have had a bumpy relationship with Julep to say the least.  I’ve contemplated canceling so many times and in the last year I’ve skipped 3 times.  But I am very very very happy that I’ve stuck with them and didn’t cancel this month because I am blown away.

Keep reading for swatches of the polishes and pictures of the products!

This month’s box was paired with designer Trina Turk.  I wish I knew more about fashion so I could let you guys know a little more about her, but unfortunately I’m lost in that area.  But I do know that I got three creme polishes, a magnet of a Trina Turk design that uses the same three colors as my nail polishes, and a set of bangle bracelets.

The first thing I got was a set of bangles.  Julep included these in my box this month because this month marks the full year mark of my membership.  I got my intro box in late August and my first box in September.  Needless to say, Julep has grown a lot since then.  I love this surprise and really love the bracelets.  It was really sweet and great customer service that they included a gift to mark my membership anniversary.

I love the colors too.  The yellow with the yellow gold is going to make all my stacking experiments that much more fun.  The quality of the bracelets doesn’t feel cheap in any way.

The second thing that was in the box was a magnet.  Cute I guess and I like magnets, but really? Seems so odd.  Julep has been throwing candy into my boxes for the last 6 or so months.  This time I got a magnet.  Just seems weird to me.  But I love the design and wish I had the confidence to wear that outfit.

Now onto the colors!

Otte: Otte is a warm cafe au lait type color.  Its like a warm cup of coffee even though my camera is picking it up more cool toned.  And ignore the mark on my pinky, that is applicator’s error and not the polish.  I have to say I’m super impressed.  While nudes aren’t my forte, this one is amazing.  The formula blew me away! This is just one coat without a top coat and look how glossy it is and how opaque it is.  It wasn’t thick at all, which has been a complaint of mine with Julep cremes before.  It was seriously the perfect formula.  Dry time was average.

Alma: My camera really didn’t like these colors.  My camera really made them all look a lot cooler toned than they are in real life.  Alma is a mustard yellow creme.  I have wanted to try a mustard yellow for about a year but never bit the bullet and bought one until now.  Alma was a little thinner in consistency than the other 2 but wasn’t runny at all.  It was the perfect formula but took 2 coats instead of one.  A 2 coat polish is still a good polish and I really like this polish as well.  Dry time was really good.

Delaunay: Delaunay blew me away.  Not only is it a vibrant fire engine red creme, but its opaque in 1 coat.  This is just one coat and it is super glossy and shiny.  The formula was perfect, not to thin not to thick, and opaque in one coat.  Dry time was good as well.  And my favorite part, it didn’t stain my nails or cuticles! Formula wise this one was the best since.

I was so blown away this month! I can’t even begin to say how impressed I was.  This months box embodied everything that I want the Julep Maven program to be.  I signed up to force myself to try new colors that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy for myself.  All three of these colors I never would have bought because I don’t like nudes, the red didn’t seem that special and I didn’t know how I felt about mustard yellow.  But I’m in love with all of these polishes! Also, the great anniversary gift was that perfect touch to this months box.

Are any of you Julep Mavens? What colors did you get in your box this month? What are your thoughts?

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