Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Retractable Liner Review

Y’all know that I love Wet ‘n Wild.  Wet ‘n Wild is definitely one of my favorite brands for makeup, both high end makeup and drug store.  I own a ton of Wet ‘n Wild Coloricon pencils, (which I reviewed here with swatches if you wanted to see my thoughts on those), and a ton of Wet ‘n Wild eye shadow palettes.  I can’t say enough good things about the brand, so whenever I’m in the drugstore I always check out the Wet ‘n Wild display.  This caught my attention on a recent trip to Walgreens since its fall and I’m starting to wear more eye make.  I figured I would give this pencil liner a try to see if it lives up to my Wet ‘n Wild standards.

Keep reading for pictures and a full review!

From the Wet ‘n Wild website!

MegaLast® Retractable Eyeliner – $1.99
Won’t fail the test of time! Up to 12 hours of smudge-proof wear! Longwearing formula glides on smooth for budge-resistant color. Soft, precise tip provides perfect application that won’t smudge, streak, or fade. Includes easy-blending smudger for desired look.

Available in Blackest Black, Black, Black Brown, Dark Brown, Charcoal, and Navy.
As you can see, this is a retractable liner on one end with a small smudger on the other.  The smudger is not that great.  Its almost a rubbery type texture and is really really hard.  It does do a good job at smudging but it also hurts my eye because it is so hard.  I used it once and will never use it again and would rather use a brush to smudge out my liner, its a lot more gentle (is it more gentle or gentler?) on my eye.
This formula is a lot drier than I’m used to when it comes to retractable liner.  Maybe its just me and I’m spoiled by my favorite retractable liner which is the Tart EmphasEYES retractable gel liner, but this is a lot drier.  Its also pretty hard.  If I touch the product itself its hard to the touch and requires a little bit of heat to make it go on easier.  I found that I have to do multiple swipes to get it to full opacity and the picture above shows about 4 or 5 swipes of the pencil.  Personally, it was a little annoying to have to go over the same spot multiple times to get the blackest black.
While the formula is dry and hard compared to others I’ve tried, the wear is pretty good.  It claims to last 12 hours and unfortunately I didn’t try it for 12 hours but it does last throughout the day.  I think the longest I’ve worn it is 8 hours but it did last with relatively little fading.  I found that the only fading was in the outer corner of my eye, which was expected because my eyes water throughout the day and that’s normally where my liner fades first.  But, I found that my coloricon pencils from Wet ‘n Wild are creamier and stay on just as long.
Overall, its nice for the money but there are a lot better liners out there.  The formula is dry and hard and it takes multiple swipes to get it to a full black.  The smudger sucks and I hate it.  But it does last without me having to set it.  I probably won’t reach for this and I’m not running out to buy the other shades since I like the Wet ‘n Wild color icon pencils better and they’re cheaper.  But since its retractable and doesn’t require a sharpener, it gets bonus points.
Grade: C
Price: $1.99

3 thoughts on “Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Retractable Liner Review

  1. I also puchased this liner in black and blue. Each time I tried to use it, the crayon portion broke off. It was very disappointing. I had to toss them out. I’ll stick with NYX liners and Wet n Wild lipsticks 🙂
    Nice post

    • thank god i wasn’t the only one who didn’t like this! i saw other reviews where they were raving about this product and i couldn’t understand why. but oh well, products work differently for different people.

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