Butter London “Gobsmacked”

Its no secret that I love Butter London polishes.  My love affair with Butter London started when the brand came to Ulta about a year and a half ago.  Ever since I have collected a nice amount.  But when I first saw the promotional materials for this falls collection, I wasn’t too impressed.  The collection is supposed to be inspired by textures and consisted of 2 holographics, 2 glitters and 1 metallic/shimmer.  I wasn’t impressed with any until I saw Scrangie’s swatch of this one.  And then Melissa from Horrendous Color showcased one of the holos, and well, now I’m going to Ulta on Monday for the buy one get one free Butter London Sale.

Butter London “Gobsmacked” is a charcoal and silver microglitter in a grey base.  This color reminds me of coal dust, which is why I was drawn to it when I saw swatches.  For any of you from the rust belt, appalachia or anywhere that has coal or iron ore, you know what I’m talking about.  The dark grainy particles that look so dark until it hits the perfect light and you get these glimmers of silver, totally reminds me of coal dust.

I’m sad to report, while I love the color, the formula kind of sucked.  This was really thick and hard to manipulate.  I found that it dragged at the cuticles and got really thick and pooled at the sides of my nails.  It wasn’t as bad as applying glue or tar, but it was a pain.  This is 2 coats and I still see some bald spots around my nails.  Plus, this thing ate my top coat.  I had on 2 coats and it still had a grainy and gritty feeling.  But I like color so I’ll probably have to thin this out or just deal with the crappy application.
What do you guys think? Do any of you have this polish? Any of you have any of the other Butter London fall polishes?

5 thoughts on “Butter London “Gobsmacked”

  1. I have a BL SS12 polish i’m yet to try, but every blog I go to always says the application is ‘terrible’. too thick and gloopy. I think it’s down to the amount of glitter or the type they use. It looks pretty hot on you though!

    • which one do you have? i don’t have any from the spring summer collection but i have almost all of the fall collection from last year and i love a lot of them. i think i’ve only ever had application issues with 2 of my butter londons and unfortunately this was one of them.

  2. The only BL I have is Henley Regatta, which is beyond gorgeous, but tends to come off in big flakes after a day or two. So I haven’t really been tempted to try any more. For that price they need to be perfect.

    • yeah i have that same problem with henley regatta! that and rosie lee are the same way! i found that a lot of the butter london glitters are like that. but the cremes and metallics that i’ve tried are seriously close to perfect. i just bought 2 cremes and i tried the first one yesterday and it was a one coater. a lot of my butter london cremes are 1 coaters

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