Zoya “Daul”

Happy first day of NFL! Is this a holiday? I personally think it should be.  I love fall and football and the start of the NFL season is definitely like a holiday here.  I live about 2 minutes from our NFL stadium so needless to say, it is crazy outside my apartment at the moment. Anyways, I figured I would post one of my new fall polishes.  I have a major nail polish haul video coming up on my YouTube channel in the next couple days but I figured I would give all my blog followers a sneak peak at one of my new polishes.  This was another polish that I picked up during Zoya’s BOGO sale a few weeks ago, and I picked up 5 polishes from their new fall collections.

Zoya “Daul” is an ultra-shimmery medium toned purple base with a ton of gold foil like shimmers.  Does this polish look familiar? Well its very similar to OPI “Rally Pretty Pink” and Zoya “Faye” except the purple tone on this one is a little darker and not so pink.  It definitely has a lot of shimmer and glimmer and looks different in different lights.  When I look at it straight on, it looks like a muted gold with purple but if I move my fingers the purple becomes more prominent.

Formula wise, this polish was fantastic.  Opaque in 2 coats but was on the thinner side.  Dry time was excellent.  Really no complaints with this polish.  But … there is something about this that I’m not in love with.  While it is a gorgeous color and the formula is phenomenal, I just don’t think its me.  I am not the biggest fan of these types of finishes, and the only time I like this ultra-shimmery polishes is when they are colors that jump off my nails.  Since the muted gold is really prominent when I look at my nails, I don’t love this enough to wear it a lot.

What do you guys think? Is this a color that you would love rocking or are you with me and feel like it doesn’t pop enough? Do you have any polishes from Zoya’s fall line? Did any of you participate in the Zoya BOGO sale?

14 thoughts on “Zoya “Daul”

    • awww thank you so much! i would totally do this but i did it about 2 months ago! its funny how they circulate around the wordpress beauty community. but i left some of my answers on your blog. thanks again it seriously is an honor and i seriously appreciate it!

    • awwww thank you sooooo much!! its such an honor and i appreciate it so much you don’t even know! i did it about 2 months ago or a month and a half ago but thank you so much! and i started following your blog its amazing

  1. Apparently my Zoya order will be here tomorrow, so I can’t say for sure about Daul until then, but it looks really pretty in everybody’s pictures – including yours – which is why it’s on the way. (I’ll try to remember to report back!)

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