Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette!

I first was introduced to Too Faced eye shadow about a year and a half ago when I purchased my first high end eye shadow palette.  Before last spring, I was content will buying drug store palettes and high end single eye shadows.  I could justify spending the high price tag on a palette unless I liked all the colors. Well, that changed with the hype surrounding the Urban Decay Naked palette.  I hunted that thing down like a crazy person, but alas, I couldn’t find it.  I ended up picking up the Too Faced Natural Eye palette to fill the Naked Palette sized hole in my heart.  In the end I found the Naked Palette, and I still use my Too Faced Natural Eye palette more!

I was beyond impressed with the quality of Too Faced eye shadows as well as the value.  So I’ve been in the market to expand my Too Faced palette collection, and I’ve had my eye on the Romantic Eye palette since it came out.  I finally bit the bullet during a recent Ulta sale and couldn’t be happier! This might just replace the Natural Eye palette as my go-to every day palette.

Keep reading for more pictures and swatches of the shadows!

The palette comes with 9 eye shadows.  3 are larger sizes than the others, and those are meant to be your all-over-lid colors, or the highlight type shades.  The palettes used to come with an applicator but the new packaging omitted the applicator.  I kind of like that because the old applicator was just a white sponge tip applicator and I never used it.

The colors:

  • Soulmates: Champagne Shimmer
  • I Do: Cool-toned Taupe Matte
  • Unveil: Cool-toned Dark Brown Matte
  • Kiss The Bride: Light Pink Matte
  • Cut The Cake: Grey-toned Purple Shimmer
  • First Dance: Dark Eggplant Matte
  • Bouquet Toss: Nude Shimmer
  • Honeymoon: Warm Green-toned Gold Metallic
  • Ever After: Warm Medium Milk Chocolate Brown Shimmer

The palettes always come with these cards.  There are 3 cards, all for different occasions, and the eye shadows are positioned in the palette next to each other horizontally.  So all the cards for the day card are the first row, the classic the second row, and the fashion the third row.  I’ve never tried the looks from the cards but they are a great way for someone new to the world of makeup to have a head start or an idea on how to use this palette.

I’m so sorry guys, these swatches aren’t the best.  A few of the colors that look like they aren’t pigmented, are definitely more pigmented in real life.  The sun washed them out I swear.  All of these are in natural light without a primer.

From left to right: (top row day colors) Soulmates, I Do, Unveil, (middle row classic colors) Kiss the Bride, Cut the Cake, First Dance, (bottom row fashion colors) Bouquet Toss, Honeymoon, Ever After.

Can you tell these are wedding themed? I didn’t get this for any type of wedding but I love the concept that it is the “romantic” palette and all the names center around a wedding.  If weddings aren’t your thing, they also have a couple Sexy Eye palettes!

What I like: I love the range of colors! I love that you have neutrals but then you have some purples and one green toned gold.  Personally, I think the colors will compliment any eye color but especially brown and green eyes.  It is more versatile than a traditional neutral palette but it is still good for every day wear.

I love that there are warm and cool tones.  The Fashion shadows are all warm toned while the Day shadows are all cool toned.  So there is something for everyone!  The texture of this shadows is very creamy and not chalky at all.

Also, I love that there is a mixture of finishes and textures! I am blown away that there are 5 mattes!! I use matte shadows more than shimmer shadows and for almost every look I do, I always do a matte best friend color, crease color and outer v color.  The only shimmer I use is on the inner corner and as a brow highlight, and sometimes as a lid color.  So the fact that there are more matte shades than shimmers I’m in love.

What I don’t like: Not much.  There aren’t any complaints with this palette.  I guess if I had to say something I don’t like is that there is some fall out with these shadows.  Also, while this is amazing for every day wear, there aren’t too many shades that you can create a cool night look with.  You can create a night look from this, but it definitely wasn’t designed for that.  Its more of a bridal style palette (hence the names).

Overall, this palette is great for every day wear and will probably replace my Natural Eye palette.  As far as night looks, you can create light looks with this, but I don’t think that is what this palette is intended for so I can’t fault Too Faced for that.  The pigmentation in real life is amazing, I promise, so no complaints there!  After owning a few Too Faced palettes I would highly recommend them and really want to pick up a few more!

Grade: A–  it gets the minus because its a great day palette but doesn’t transition as well to night.  Only real negative that this palette doesn’t give you everything.

Price: $36

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