OPI “Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ”

Have you ever bought a nail polish just because of the name? I definitely have.  I fall trap to that all the time with OPI and even a few Zoya polishes, I bought the name because its the name of a friend or family member.  Case in point, this polish.  After I first stopped biting my nails, I only wore drug store polishes.  I graduated to OPI about 6 months later and this was one of the first OPI’s I bought.  I was first drawn in by the color but once I saw the name, this polish wasn’t going anywhere but home with me.  My inner nerd is going to show a little bit right now.  OPI “Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ” came out in the OPI Chicago collection.  Mrs. O’Leary is the person responsible for the Great Chicago Fire! So not only is this polish the perfect BBQ sauce color, but this is one of the most sadistic names.  But I love it!

Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ is a dark red creme polish with some purple and brown undertones.  This is one of my go to fall polishes so I knew I had to bust it back out.  I absolutely love this color and how it looks against my skin.  The formula is on the runny side, which is why my cuticles are a mess.  I was at my moms house so I didn’t have my normal tools to clean this up, I had just thrown a few polishes in my purse to paint my nails while dog sitting.  Aside from this polish being very watery, this is extremely pigmented! If it was a little thicker in consistency, it might be a one coater, but since its so watery this is 2.

And I couldn’t just have it alone so I made a jelly sandwich accent on my thumb and ring finger.  I used China Glaze “Electrify”, which is a gold and red opaque glitter form the Hunger Games collection, for the glitter.  I just did a slight ombre by just using the brush.  Then did a thick coat of Zoya “Paloma” which is a raspberry jelly polish.  I think it turned out really pretty! Definitely very fall!

What do you guys think? Do you guys like gradient manicures?  What are your favorite polishes for fall?

14 thoughts on “OPI “Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ”

  1. I love this! *checking Exxx if it’s still available* Guess I’m a big nerd 😉
    This definitely is a gorgeous color for fall. I love “Deutsch You Want Me Baby”, “Diva Of Geneva”, “German-icure” and lots more for fall 😀
    Curious: Did you use topcoat over this mani?

  2. Hahaha i understand what you saying sometimes i buy a nail polish for the name because it’s so pretty! I never heard of this lacquer of OPI anyway (shame on me?) and i like it again lol

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  5. Every time you mention this polish I think to myself ‘I have to get a bottle of this!!!’ how does is compare to the newer purples and reds? (Skyfall/Casino Royal or ermmm… that one from San Fran… … Cable Car… something) 😀

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