Zoya “Frida”

Y’all know I love jelly finish polishes.  So when Zoya came out with a 3 piece jelly finish collection, I jumped at the first chance to get them on sale.  I picked up all 3 during the Zoya “secret” sale.  For all of you nail polish enthusiasts, if Zoya will ship to your house, you need to have a Zoya account.  Zoya routinely runs promo’s for people who have preexisting Zoya accounts that they announce on Twitter, Facebook or their blog.  The most recent one was buy one get one free, and if you bought 6 polishes then the shipping was free. So that’s 6 polishes for $24! $4 a piece, which is cheaper than some drugstore brands.  The only time I buy Zoya’s is during sales like this one, which is how my Zoya collecting is growing larger and larger ever few months.  I already have my eye on a few more for my next Zoya order.  Anyways, onto the polish!

Zoya “Frida” is a teal jelly polish.  I absolutely am in love with the color.  I have to say, the whole time I was wearing it, I noticed that this polish leaned very very green.  In most lights, this polish looks much more green than blue.  Please note that the crazy bubbles in the manicure was not the fault of Zoya! I almost didn’t post this manicure at all because I didn’t want you guys to think that this polish created that many bubbles.  The bubbles were all due to the base coat I used and applicators error (aka, my bad!).  The base coat was literally the bottom of the bottle of an expensive base coat that I wanted to make sure I got every single penny out of! So the bubbles are actually all in the base coat, and since this is a sheer polish, it just emphasized all the bubbles.  I was hoping that the dark teal would cover them up, but it made it look really awful.  The polish itself doesn’t bubble though!

Formula wise, this baby was sheer! The above pictures were 4 coats and I still saw visible nail line.  Paloma, the raspberry jelly from the gloss collection, was much more opaque.  I didn’t mind the VNL that much because I expected it, but if you don’t like sheer polishes, this one isn’t for you. It dried ultra glossy and squishy, which of course I loved.  Dry time was average, but by the 4th coat it was a tad long.

And of course, I had to try a jelly sandwich because thats why I bought the Gloss Collection! This is the 4 coats of Frida, then one coat of Essie “A Stroke of Brilliance,” which is a light denim blue chunky glitter and can be see here! I finished it off with another layer of Frida.  I absolutely LOVED the end result! It brought the blue out of Frida, but created a little bit of contrast in the manicure.  I loved it and kept it on for an extra day!

What do you guys think? Did you pick up any of the Zoya jellies? What are your favorite Jelly Sandwich combos?


13 thoughts on “Zoya “Frida”

  1. In any case, on to the polish talk. Zoya’s newest collection Twist is delicate but edgy Spring installation. Zoya played it a little safe here. Most of these colors are what I consider traditional spring colors but I really love a few polishes from Twist. I had no application issues with any of these colors. All these images are 3 coat of color, 1 coat of base coat and top coat.

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