Icing “Eenie Greenie Miney Mo”

One brand of nail polish that doesn’t always get the most attention in the nail polish world is Icing.  Icing is supposed to be the “grown up” Claires, which is an accessories store that carries makeup and nail polish.  I first discovered Icing nail polishes while walking around the mall and there was a sign in the window that said that nail polishes were on sale buy one get one free.  I’ve been hooked every since! While they don’t have the widest range of colors, they have amazing dupes for some harder to find nail polishes as well as some unique trendier nail polishes.  Plus, they always seem to be on permanent sale, buy one get one half off! Since they are $4.50 to begin with, I can’t pass up that deal.  Recently, I picked up some new polishes from Icing and found this gem, and little did I know that this is also meant to be a dupe for a hard to find polish.

Icing “Eenie Greenie Miney Mo” is a green, blue and copper microglitter suspended in a green jelly base.  This polish is really squishy looking! For some reason I felt like this glitter would have been a little darker, brighter or a little more prominent on the nail.  It almost has a dusty and muted quality to it.  The formula was alright.  This is 3 coats and I found that it dried quickly, but I ran into the common microglitter problem.  It got thick around the sides of my nail and sparse at the base of the nail.  If you have some patience to do 3 coats to wear this on its own then its worth it.  But honestly this might be a polish that’s best for layering!

When I googled this polish to see what other bloggers had said about it, I ran across Finger Painting Fingers comparison between this polish and Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed, which is a hard to find lemming for a lot of nail polish enthusiasts.  On its own, it looks nothing like Toxic Seaweed, but over black or dark green they are nearly identical! So if you have been craving Toxic Seaweed, this might be a nice $4.50 alternative even though they aren’t dupes!

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried any Icing polishes? How would you wear this polish, on its own or over black?

7 thoughts on “Icing “Eenie Greenie Miney Mo”

  1. Hi

    Really enjoying all of your emails, and especially that they are frequent. I would like to ask you a question. Looking for a pink creme polish as shown in the attached photo. I think maybe Butter London Teddy Girl might be it. What do you think? Or do you know of a polish that would be a match for the one in the photo.

    You might have to cut and paste the link.

    Thanks so much.

    • hmmm i might not be teddy girl because it looks a little bit more pink, but it might be teddy girl. maybe essie figi, or an essie pink color. essie has so many that are that shade its hard to tell

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