Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Wicked Nail Strips!

When I was at Walgreens a few weeks ago I saw the Wet n Wild Halloween collections.  Every year Wet n Wild puts out the Fantasy Makers line, and this year the nail strips caught my eye.  I don’t have the most extensive experience with nail polish strips.  I’ve tried the Julep ones and the Sally Hansen ones, but other than that I haven’t used them.  When I saw these I was immediately drawn in because I loved the tin foil like finish.  Also, they were on sale for $2! I was going on a long weekend to Kentucky so I decided to give them a try.

Keep reading for pictures of these on my nails and a full review!

I apologize for the bad pictures of these.  One negative thing about the tin foil like strips is that they were really hard to photograph because I kept getting glares (and I couldn’t even think about using the flash).  The pack comes with 16 strips.  Like the other brands I’ve tried I was very disappointed with the size selection.  I mean, really? Who has a thumb that is that thick? I apologize if you actually do and that offended you but I’ve never found a person who fit the big sizes.

I had to use all the small sizes for my nails.  First thing I noticed about these strips is that they don’t come with a file or orange stick.  Nor do they really come with any type of instruction.  So you either have to google the instructions or be familiar with the process to begin with.  For all of you thinking of picking these up, here are some rudimentary instructions.

  1. pick the size that best fits the width of your nail
  2. place the strip as close to the cuticle of your nail, at the center of your nail
  3. smooth over the surface of the nail, you may have to reposition to make sure the strip fits or even cut the sizes down if they are too wide for your nail
  4. apply pressure over the surface of the nail to ensure that the strip sticks and sticks well
  5. you can cut off the excess strip (because there will be a lot of excess), and save the top part of the strip for later use.  Or you can just proceed to the next step
  6. Take a nail file and file in a downward motion over the tip of the nail.  After several swipes of the file, any excess strip should come off and you’re just left with your strip firmly attached to your nail.

What I like: I love the look and the finish.Obviously I liked the design of the nail strip or else I never would have bought it.  Also, I liked that they lasted a while.  I haven’t had much experience with other brands but these lasted WAY longer than the Julep ones.  I applied them on a Wednesday and kept them on until the following Monday before I was itching to take them off.  There was a nice amount of tip wear, but nothing that was too noticeable by the 5th day.  But my favorite part was removal.  These just peel right off, don’t leave a residue on your nails and don’t damage your nails.  No nail polish removal at all!

What I didn’t like: There was no give whatsoever! Other nail polish strips I’ve tried can stretch just a little to make sure that your cuticles are covered.  Also the little amount of stretch that other strips have also make it easier to not get air bubbles or creases in your manicure. As you can see, I have creases galore! It was awful and I couldn’t apply a single nail without a crease in it somewhere.  Last thing I didn’t like was I applied a top coat over this manicure, and my top coat would chip off in huge chunks in less than a day.  It just wouldn’t stay on, so I’m guessing you’re not suppose to use one with these strips.

Overall verdict: I like this for the price but I’m not in love.  Do I think they’re better than the Sally Hansen, no, but they are much better than the Julep.  For $2, they stayed on for a long time with minimal tip wear.  The removal was so easy and mess free and I absolutely loved that.  But there is no stretch at all so I got creases on every single nail.  Also, these hate having a top coat on top of them.  I want to check out the others because for $2 they’re definitely worth having a few of.

And I’m currently wearing them on my toes too and love them!

Grade: B

Price: normally I believe they are $3.99 or $2.99 but they were on sale for $1.99 when I picked them up (so there are chances that you can find them on sale too!)

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