Hare Polish “Dog Day Dream”

Another Hare Polish for you guys today! If you saw my massive nail polish haul that I recently put up on my YouTube channel and here, then you saw that I picked up 4 Hare Polishes.  I always talk about Nikoles polishes and how much I love them (and not so secretly her).  This polish I was a little on the fence about getting and it was actually the last polish I put in my cart that day.  I put it in, and then took it out and then finally put it back in again and hit check out before I could back out of purchasing it.  I was on the fence because I didn’t know about all the different colors of glitter, and I really don’t like any shape of glitter that isn’t hexagonal or round (yes I know I’m weird because I’m picky about shapes).  But, I’m so glad I did purchase it because it ended up being my favorite polish out of the 4 that I purchased.

Hare Polish “Dog Day Dream” is a raspberry jelly base with red and pink medium hexagonal glitter, silver microglitter and purple square glitter.  I really didn’t think I was going to like this polish because the square glitter is so prominent, but this polish seriously just glows off your nails.  The raspberry jelly base is super shiny and then you’re adding 3 different types of glitter and of course you’re going to have an ultra glossy manicure.  This just shimmered every shade of hot magenta and I was in love.

Formula wise, another awesome Hare Polish creation.  This is just 2 coats and its fully opaque.  This one was the one that I was the most scared of being a little sheer and it almost completely covered the nail in 1 coat.  2 coats and it was perfect.  The texture wasn’t too gritty, which I was a little nervous about because there was so much glitter in the polish.  The dry time was great as well.  No complaints on formula.

Just one full size picture so you can see all the glitter thats inside of this polish.

What do you guys think of this polish? What are your favorite Indie Polishes?

8 thoughts on “Hare Polish “Dog Day Dream”

  1. I agree about the shapes of glitter in that it can be too much sometimes. However, this one looks really nice and subtle :). Will have to check out some of these Hare polishes. 💗

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