Favorite Brown, Taupe and Nude Polishes of ALL TIME!!

Wow this series has seemed to fly by for me! I can’t believe that I’m almost done.  After this video, I just have 2 more for you guys.

For all of you who are new to my blog or YouTube channel, I started a series on my Youtube channel that is all about my favorite colors of all time.  Each video is dedicated to my favorite colors of the rainbow and I started off the series with all my favorite red polishes.  So far I’ve done my favorite reds, pink, oranges, yellow, peaches, greens, teals, blues, purples and now we’re technically done with the ROY G. BIV colors.  But, I still love other colors besides those that are in the traditional rainbow.  This was the next video in the series which is all my favorite browns, taupes and nudes.  Like the other posts, I’ll insert old blog pictures of all these polishes so you guys can see what they look like.  I hope you enjoy!

Keep reading for all the swatches of all the polishes in the video!

polishes mentioned:
zoya nina

(air bubbles in the picture was because of the bottom of the bottle of seche vete, not the polish)

opi warm and fozzie

wet n wild cougar attack

china glaze foie gras

opi you don’t know jacques

barry m dusky mauve

china glaze fast track

barielle buddha-ful

deborah lippmann naked

Naked is the nude (my all time favorite nude!) and the gold glitter is OPI “Gift of Gold”

Hope that you guys liked this! Just 2 more videos to go and then I’m finished with this series!

What do you think? What are your favorite brown polishes? Favorite taupes? Favorite nudes? Let me know, I’m always looking for new polishes to try!

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