“This is Halloween” Nail Art Challenge Day 5!

Day 5: Watermarble!

I literally just finished doing the water marble, which is why there is still some clean up that I have do do.  I was losing sunlight extremely fast so I just took the picture before finishing clean up.

I’m not the best at water marble manicures.  They are messy and I can never seem to get the best swirls on my nails.  I normally wait too long in between putting drops in the water, so the outer rings are already dry when I put my tooth pick in the water.  Also, by the time I’m on my last 2 or 3 nails, my container is normally so junked up that those nails turn out awful.   But, I do like how they turn out when I can figure out the right color combinations.

I picked these colors because I saw (I think) Swatchaholic do something similar.  She used all multichrome Ozotic nail polishes over a black to create an oil slick looking manicure.  It was the prettiest watermarble I ever saw so I wanted to see if I could create something similar.  Since I don’t have any Ozotic polishes, I chose some duochromes and shimmers to create this look.

Polishes Used:

  • Zoya “Raven” as my black base
  • Orly “Galaxy Girl”
  • OPI “Not Like The Movies”
  • OPI “Blue My Mind”
  • Butter London “Bluey”

The result isn’t as cool as hers but it was kind of pretty.

What do you guys think? Do you like water marble manicures? What are your favorite color combo’s for water marbles?


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